Our Hearts Will Mend In Time

The Jackson Southernaires of Mississippi

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since my last post but I am back and would like to start with this encouraging and brief post for everyone. Today is Sunday, a Holy day. A day of rest and worship. A day to just take time and let your mind and body get a break from all of your worries.

So much is going on right now. We barely have time to remember when the bills are due for worrying about and through this pandemic. I understand. I promise. You are not alone. I know that we hear that a lot from different ones but it’s true. You’re not. The pain of this pandemic is being felt throughout this entire world. Our minds and bodies aren’t getting the proper rest and relaxation that they need. We are worried for ourselves and our loved ones. We are over burned and overwhelmed with all the political and social confusion going on around us.

Let your heart not be weary. He will make a way.

Kiss your loved ones or hug those that are near you and live with you and appreciate every hard time that you share together as well as the good times. Right now, we need each other. We need more love in this world. Don’t give up. Grab onto your tenacity and hold onto it tight. Don’t let it go.

He will make a way.


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