Division Brings Vulnerability; There’s No Right Way to do Wrong

America’s future if something isn’t done fast

Please, take a few minutes to look at all of the confusion, disruption, hatred and sadness that is going on right now. You don’t have to dive too deep into it because I know first hand, it can be depressing but I am asking this because if we take a closer look at it, we can see the way it is literally sucking the life, livelihood and happiness out of all of us. It’s not benefiting us at all in the least bit.

There is Too Much Death Going On

We all have feelings and opinions of course; we are entitled to both but when our opinions and feelings override our natural ability to use logic based on truth, when they disable our discerning process that was given to us by our creator in order to keep us in line with what is truly just and causes us to disrespect, harm and oppress one another, then we have lost sight of our own existence and purpose.

That’s what I see going on right now. You really don’t have to be an expert, a graduate of any kind, or even in authority to see what is going on with our country right now. Our children are watching us as we speak and it’s even depressing them and in worst cases, causing them to give up and take their own lives. They aren’t built like we were. They were not made to take all the negativity that they are seeing right now in America and the entire world. If this continues, and we lose our children, we in essence lose ourselves and have nothing to look forward to or pass on. There will be no survivors if everyone is at each other’s throats nonstop.

There is truly no right way to do wrong. The two don’t and have never existed together no matter how we may have tried to justify it. You can’t save someone’s life and kill them at the same time. You can’t help someone and hurt them at the same time. People in our lives, around us are either going to help us or hurt us. We either love one another or hate one another. One breathes life into us and happiness and the other causes violence, pain and everything bad.

They are putting their lives at risk for the rest of us


Doctors and Nurses are tired….and rightfully so.

Here is my simple opinion when it comes to this: If we are going to do right, if we are going to wake up and do something about this virus, about how low this country has fallen, about being able to provide for our families, have sustainable businesses and relationships with one another, we better hurry up and do it because this virus is not wasting time and it has NO RESPECT TO PERSONS. It sees one thing; the one thing we have forgotten about: WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS AND ANYONE CAN BE INFECTED. When we spend so much time working against each other we are losing time that should be spent on working together for the good of us all. When we spend so much time with rivalry, hatred, violence, revenge and every evil work, we lose time that we could’ve been sharing with our loved ones while they are still here. We lose time we could’ve used to come up with ways to work together to survive.

I’m seeing people speak on YouTube and other social media platforms about the fires, the sink holes that are still forming that are as big as football fields, the storms, the violence, the rising death tolls, and more. They’re saying that it feels like the end of the world. Well, if we take a good look at it, it just might be and some of us are making it come faster than it might have been intended. Who in their right mind really wants to run towards constant death? America, we have got to wake the “blank” up fast and remember where our strength really comes from. For real.

Stay safe, stay woke, and please stay alive.


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