Incredible Hulk vs Helpful Henry

Helpful Henry is kind and he is loving.

He is always concerned with the betterment of others. He will give you the shirt off of his own back if you need it.

He will give his last dime to help someone in need and he expresses his feelings with no pride.

Helpful Henry has a conscious and is easy to be entreated, spoken to and confided in. He reserves no judgment. He has no respect to persons.

He works hard to make sure he effectively makes his mark when helping others. His sense of humor is top-notch and a joy to take part in.

Helpful Henry is gentle and speaks sensibly; He has charisma, prudence and persuasion down to the wire. He doesn’t want to see anyone in danger or in pain. He deeply desires to help anyone he can even if he doesn’t have it to give.

He is ever-learning, humble, and just wants to do the right thing.

Incredible hulk can’t be spoken to unless he is given praises. He does not like to be corrected and he is always mad.

Incredible Hulk has no empathy, is not approachable, and only sees his desires and demands. He is the smartest person in the world even when he is not.

Tears do not move him, pleas go unheard and only his point of view is valued. The truth does not matter to him if he doesn’t consider you valuable to him.

You have to be careful not to upset him and anything you say can make him go off. Once he has a bad view of you, nothing changes it; not even if you yourself change for the better. But he does not care about your perception of him as long as you keep it to yourself.

You have to constantly feed his ego and praise him. Never point out his flaws or short comings. His temper is nothing like this world has ever seen and he doesn’t have a forgiving heart. He holds grudges to the end.

If he causes you pain, heartache and tears, you will be made to endure those things without mercy from him. He will make you feel less than like a person constantly as it makes him feel better.

Helpful Henry and Incredible Hulk are the exact same person.

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