Introducing My Online Store for Natural Products

cough-less n decongest by creation101 for fast sinus congestion headache and pain relief

Hi everyone. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to introduce my online store that I have had for almost three years…well, yes I do. It’s quite hard doing everything on your own when starting a business and then…the pandemic happened. I had to shut down my business for quite a while due to the pandemic but was finally able to re-open and would love the support of you all and whoever you know that may be able to benefit from my products. They are all natural made with essential oils, natural herbs, and butters.

As you may know, I am a big advocate for natural products. I grow almost half or more of my ingredients and they are all handmade with love. I have lowered my prices in order to try to get my business up and running again. I really hope humbly, that you all will have a little spare time to take a look at my store and I also sell them here on Word Press (Free shipping available on my Shopify). Even taking out the time to share my store links would be most appreciated and referrals are discount worthy. (smiley face). I also customize for those who have allergies.

Below, I’ve listed my Store links as well as a recent demonstration of one of my newest products. I will happily be sharing more demonstrations as well as information about my products. As someone who was once on many medications including stress meds, high blood pressure, and etc., I prefer products that carry little to no side effects and now offer to you natural products. (I will be sharing my journey on my podcast soon).

Thank you so much!


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