It’s Sunday Morning (Epiphany?)

I think I need a vacation. …at least from over working my mind. For everyone out there struggling during this pandemic and who also happen to have a business that they are trying to keep afloat, I can relate to your stress.

Relaxation is motivation
Feels so good to just relax

It’s hard out here when trying to maneuver in the online world without getting caught up or even be associated with anything outside of what your goals are. Omg. I don’t want to dance and shake my ta-ta on social media platforms just to get sales from gen Z (no offense) or anyone else as it is being suggested. I just want to continue making wholesome, pure products that benefit everyone as they are benefiting my family and I and enjoy sipping on my coffee and occasional half glass of wine to stay chill in-between, and everything else that mature moms do (I’m laughing as I type this but at the same time so serious).

I just don’t feel the need to try to look like anyone else, fall into any stereotypical classification, or try to keep up with my kids to stay relevant. I just want to remain classy, be myself, and post blogs that everyone can relate to sometime or another. I just don’t feel the need to try to be anyone else other than my original self.

There’s a beauty and a blessing in growing older….especially during this pandemic. If we are fortunate, wisdom starts to kick in along with natural and inner beauty that doesn’t fade and things that really aren’t important just don’t seem to matter anymore.

Anyone else feel this way?

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