Lord Have Mercy On America Please (They’re Destroying Themselves Eyes Wide Shut During A Biblical Plague)

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This morning I write with a heavy heart because yesterday we were shown the prelude to what is to come for the year 2021 in America. Many things that have been swept under the rug and allowed to happen are coming to a head now. My elders before me and my father taught me “If you give the devil an inch, he will take a mile.”

Last night, while I lay in bed, I was awakened by a strong wind and heavy rain unlike no other during my life time. They were the winds of change and I don’t think it was a good sign at all. It rained as if all of our loved ones in heaven were crying and their tears fell down on earth after they too watched what happened at the Capitol. As it rained like never before, so did the winds blow harder and more strangely than ever before. …and there was not a tornado, storm, or anything else in sight for miles to come. All I could do was lay there because I felt it and understood. I know my ancestors and the power that they have as they watch from above and they were not happy with what happened yesterday. As we all know, there was confusion everywhere but in one place in particular the most. If our loved ones in heaven were hurt and disappointed, just imagine what God himself was thinking and feeling. Lord have mercy.

God made this world and even he is being patient as people themselves destroy it

This morning when I woke up, the day had a different look and the sun hasn’t shined as normally just yet. We will probably have more storms and destructive weather in this country now no doubt. All of these are signs of the times. A person doesn’t have to believe in it but it will not change the fact that this division is not only bringing about sadness, death, and poverty; it is also forcing the earth to cry out herself because she knows this ought not to be so.

the pandemic hasn't ended yet. what's going on? www.mllwg.com

The entire world and their leaders have spoken on what happened yesterday and all of them are offering prayers and calling for peace here in America. They are more united than the United States of America right now and that says a lot; all during a pandemic that has mutated over 400 times within each contact of a person who has it with another person who has it. …then goes out and willingly spreads it. I said it before and I have to say it again: this confusion is definitely feeding the pandemic in ways apparently that not many people are realizing. It has no respect to persons, it does not care about what your race, color, or creed is, it does not care if you have a lot of money or if you are poor, it does not care if you have family or not and it is not stopping. This pandemic seems to be the least thing on our leaders’ minds right now and that’s sad. How are they going to effectively lead if they are divided? If the blind lead the blind, they both will fall in a ditch. We are in trouble. I am afraid for what this division is constantly bringing on the United States. I am afraid of how some people still don’t see how nothing we will argue about right now will matter if anyone should be stricken on their death bed with this mutated virus and it will be too late to say “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve”. Rev Sanders said on his podcast and word press best “They are fighting this pandemic with the wrong tools.”

America's future by it's own hands if this keeps up

The time to be more wise is now and honestly I am afraid even that time is running out. I am watching the animals themselves run in front of people’s cars, literally waiting till cars come up to where they are as we drive on the roads, and run right in front of them to die. They know what time it is. They are even afraid of what has become but some of us are not and that is a bad, bad sign. Lord please have mercy on America, please help us because it is being brought down by it’s own hand.

Please, be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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