Regaining Our Strength (My Inner Thoughts)

We All Make Mistakes

don't let your mistakes keep you down

We all make mistakes from time to time. There hasn’t been one person (other than God and Jesus Christ) who hasn’t but when we make mistakes and learn from them, we become wiser. Why? because we are learning from our experiences. This is why I literally always say “experience is the best teacher.” This is another form of growth. It is true, everyone has their own thought process and learns in their own way but either way it goes, it is still progress. Some of us may catch onto things at different times and that is okay. We were not all given the same talent or knowledge. We are all different individuals in this world learning as we go from day to day and that is what we are expected to do.

If we go through life and don’t learn from our mistakes, from the mistakes or actions of others, then and only then can we truly be labeled as silly or ignorant. But just because the next person doesn’t know (yet) what we know doesn’t mean we should prejudge or count them out. There is a time and place for everything. Love takes time. Growth takes time. Healing takes time. Progress takes time. Trust takes time. Becoming stronger takes time. It may be a quick or long process but either way, along with that time I have learned that it also takes patience. Patience on the part of the person on that journey as well as those who are expecting growth from that person; understanding that they themselves are still learning as they go as well.

Sometimes We Have To Dig Deep

determination is what we need

Sometimes we have to dig deep and reach way down in our souls to grab ahold to a loving memory of a loved one, a place in time where we were absolutely happy, or something that we were taught to remember we can make it if we try. Just don’t give up. We know where our strength comes from; just have to remember it’s there.

I have learned that part of being strong is never giving up. We are always met with “the element of surprise” no matter how prepared we try to be. It is almost inevitable. I believe that all we can really do is do our very best to stay on point, keep our minds fresh and do what we can with what we know. A fifth grader should never be expected to know what a senior knows. They might know sometimes but they won’t have the full experience. That comes with age and time as well. No matter how old we are, who we are, or where we come from, there will always come a time where we will need to regain our strength.

If You Fall Down, Get Back Up!

if you fall down, get back up

To regain our strength, we can’t let any negativity be in our hearts and minds. We have to believe in ourselves, and we have to focus on that which is truly important and what we are trying to accomplish. I was taught that God knows how much we can bear. I know it is true because there were times when I thought I was down for the count. I thought “what’s the use?” I had times where I felt defeated and just done but then I remembered where my help comes from. I also remembered my great-grannie, my granny, my grandfather, my father, and etc. and I said to myself “NO. If I give up now, all that I have went through and accomplished will have been for nothing.” and I get back up and try again and I try harder. The mind is a powerful thing I promise.

Adulthood is no joke lol. Neither is life. We have one life to live and I figure we might as well give it all we got and have faith that in the end it will turn out fine. When I am given the choice between failure and success, I will always choose success. If we are given the choice between nothing and something, I feel we will always choose the latter. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about us in the end, good or bad, because we are the ones who will have to live with the choices that we make. I choose to hold on and not give up.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive


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