In a World Full of Unfairness and Selfishness

I was raised with integrity, in truth, honor, and god-fearing qualities; taught to treat people as I would want to be treated. I know in my heart it is the better way to be and has been one of the golden rules since the beginning of time.

But as of recent events, as I see the world change to the cruel and inconsiderable state that it is in everyday, I realize that not everyone respects these things and even less practice them in their daily lives.

We now live in a world where people care about how they look but not how they act or treat one another. Well, looks can be deceiving but what is in the heart always comes out of the mouth and is hard to deny even though some still do.

How do I explain to my children that people don’t care how they treat you as long as you don’t reciprocate the cheating, the lies, the lack of compassion that they effortlessly in general may give to you? How do I explain to them that people in this time that we are living in are more cruel and heartless than they have ever been before and people are not moved with compassion and understanding anymore?

How do I justify to them that people are more likely to be okay causing you pain but will never allow you to reciprocate that same pain or less to them and their loved ones? How do I explain to them the fact that you are expected to work hard, be honest, be fair, have compassion, be true, obtain a good report even when those who claim it don’t even practice it but demand it of you?

It is hard staying afloat happily knowing that some of the same people who say “I’ve got your back” put on a good front until you really need them to do it and they go so far and then leave you hanging on your own. Its hard explaining to them the reason why you can’t really trust anyone anymore because you have to always watch your back during the time we live in.

I don’t know how to explain to them that there will be more people out to hurt you and compete with you then help you or be there for you purely out of a good heart. From sex traffickers to predators; from so-called friends to your sworn enemies; family members, people you don’t know, and etc. Times have changed and so have the people.

People rather argue over wearing a mask. money, and power than to help each other survive; during a pandemic they rather continue stepping over each other for materialistic and temporary gain rather than just do the right thing and be a real friend or show real love with no agenda.

I know in my heart that God is not asleep. He is looking at all of this cold hearted and perverse way of life going on and I know it is not pleasing him at all. When he has had enough, this pandemic will seem like a mere cold compared to what will be unleashed before it is over with because there is hardly any love left in this world. Lhm. Today, I am sad and my heart is broken to pieces and I don’t know what to do about it. This is not how this world was meant to be col.


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