I had posted about experience with narcissism but I decided to let it be for the time being because I want this blog to be more encouraging and not a reminder of things we are already trying our best to deal with, forget, and move past.

To everyone out there noticing the fast pace at which the world is changing, I pray you find things that give you peace of mind so that you and your families can make it through this hard time that we all are trying to maneuver carefully through. I pray for peace, love, and happiness for everyone out there who is hoping and looking for it. I pray for all things good because we have enough of the bad without asking for it.

Soon, I’ll be sharing pictures of some of the plants that I have started on from seed and giving a little explanation of them as well; just focusing on their benefits. I can’t really explain it but music and gardening are my top favorite stress-free hobbies right now. I play a nice classical composition for my plants and if they are at least four inches tall, they lean towards the music while I’m working in the garden. Literally. If I move the phone, they lean in that direction towards the music so it makes me smile to see how alive they are and how they like the music as well. I also play gospel and soothing jazz or r&b for them. Its really nice.

Everyone please be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.

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