Garden Update I

So here is the thing, I absolutely love gardening.  I don’t care how cold or hot it is, I am always going to grow something because I love to eat and I have gotten used to fresh ingredients lol. They just taste better. They’re better to cook with, create with, and eat straight out of the greenhouse or garden.

I personally believe that we get more vitamins and nutrients straight from our gardens because it’s a pure source of everything that we need to stay healthy.

Growing up, I wasn’t into it that much but now, when I am stressed or upset, somehow I still put all the love and channel the stress or anger into doing my very best in my garden; all done effortlessly without even realizing the time and preparation that I am putting in it. When the results start showing, I end up blessed twice. I’m no longer stressed and I have more free and fresh food to eat for myself and family.

Now it is to the point where I will grow everything from seed; this gives you an advantage of having access to foods that aren’t found in grocery stores across the country. I absolutely love it.

I could go on and on about my love for gardening but that will be saved for part two lol. If there are any gardeners out there who love growing things as much as I do, like, comment, and or share please. I love learning more and seeing others do better as well. I love seeing others trade their talents and grow. Gardening is a hobby that definitely produces massive benefits and right now, food supply is an issue as well as health.

Happy Gardening everyone!


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