Gardening Is Essential and Educational

Love Plus Time Equals Growth everything starts from a seed
Literally, everything starts from a seed

As mentioned before, I could talk literally all day about my passion for gardening. It’s like there is a connection a person has when they develop a green thumb between them and whatever they choose to grow. It’s the beginning of life for that individual and the plant started from seed. Ever heard the saying “all it takes is the faith of a mustard seed?” I’m here to tell you that is so true! I know that we are so used to instant gratification; just having to have very little to no patience with everything in this advanced world that we are now living in but my goodness, some things still just take time. To be honest, everything does. Plants are no different no matter what category they may fall in. I will tell you this one thing to consider though: no matter how much time is required for whatever you may be growing on your own, it will be well worth the patience and investment if done right. I mean, think about it. None of us like to be rushed. Me personally, I will brush it off the first two times because I believe in being polite and not stooping to a lower level but the third time, I will politely (but firmly) state how I don’t prefer it. The same way that we function better when we are given the needed and proper time and patience that we need, the same goes for our plants; especially if we are starting them from seed.

The Advantage of The Work Put In our plants have everything we need.
If we help them stay alive, they will help us stay alive

Have you ever taken time to really pay attention to the growth cycle of plants? They are in many ways similar to us. We start off as a seed planted in a suitable environment and given the proper love and care (in the womb) until it is time for us to move to a more suitable surrounding till we grow big, healthy, tall, and strong; fully developed and functioning on our own to the point where we reproduce as well. What is my point? Those plants are alive just the same as we are. If we give them the proper care, with patience, they in turn give us what we need in order to stay alive, healthy, and well. Amazing right? We get to choose from thousands of plants from fruits, vegetables, and herbs according to our liking and our physical needs and they give us what we need in due season and on top of that, our taste buds, our minds, and our bodies are satisfied. Oh yeah, our wallets are happy too if we sell them for profit and make our living off of them. Nice right lol?

Our View Means Everything growth is necessary
Growth is Necessary

This is how I view the world of gardening. if we trade our talents with it, we will never really need for much and we will be helping one another at the same time. There is an infinite beauty in nature and what God created. We just have to tap into it more to find it and really see it. Personally, I love it! It makes my heart happy (and healthy) and it is far more healthy to think on in comparison to all the violence, hatred, chaos, greed, selfishness, and other drama being recycled in our world today. Good thoughts are food for the spirit and heart. They are satisfaction for the mind and body. They are medicine. Bad thoughts are poison. They kill slowly or fast depending on how often a person accepts them and processes them. I rather feed my body and mind things that are essential and beneficial and in the end, help someone else feel better inside and out as well.

Told you I could talk about it all day lol. Food for thought. have a heart

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive


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