Music and Its Effect On Us

Have you ever noticed how there are certain songs or compositions that we hear and they can literally change or escalate our current mood? I have. I mean, really, I can be upset about something and if I play some hard core rap music, for example, or hard rock, it just amps me up even more lol. I feel embarrassed at this later stage of my life be finally paying attention to it. You can be at a “3” but if you listen to music that is full of rage or anger, it will soon have you at a “10”. Isn’t that something lol?

I learned For Myself

I’m serious. I noticed it when it happened about a month ago and have been paying attention to it every since and it has never failed to be true. Whoever thinks music doesn’t affect us, I am sorry to have to inform you, it does. For some of us, music is an escape or sedative depending on what we may be going through. So last week, someone said something really nasty to me; I mean it was so disrespectful. What they said alone made me want to go off but instead of putting on music to say what I really wanted to say to them, I played gospel music. I went from feeling angry, disrespected, and like wanting to get revenge to just calm and at peace knowing that God is not sleep and he will fix it. My mood was so much better. I continued to listen to gospel for another two hours (yes, they had me 38 special hot lol) and I felt so mellow and humble in my heart till it was as if my heart had been cleaned out of all the bad thoughts that came when I was spoken to disrespectfully. It was then and there that I decided that from now on, when someone or something upsets me, I will listen to my gospel playlist from now on. Classical music is mellow but it didn’t really give me the complete resolve that I needed. Soothing R & B is okay too but it mainly focuses on love and I was going through something that R & B couldn’t fix. Gospel music did the trick.

Songs Sung From The Heart and Soul

The words that they sang in those songs came from a place of hope, pain, tolerance, and from their soul. They sang and spoke on things that I could relate to on a personal level and helped me somehow calm down and just be at peace with the right mind; not wanting revenge. Just putting my trust in God knowing that he is everyone’s boss and has the last say so. It reminded me that nothing that anyone does wrong to another person will go unpunished no matter what the excuse or effort put into concealing it. I feel this way also when reading my bible.


As I listened to those songs, I began to remember my great-grannie, grannie, grandpa, and other loved ones who are not with me today but still live on in the memories that we shared. It brought me in remembrance of all of the essential advice that they shared with me that till this day needed for survival and to remain a good person with a good heart. It made me feel better and I was happy. I realized that some of the smallest things and people that we take for granted everyday may not always be with us so we had better soak up all that we can while we can. I’m thankful.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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