Short and Simple

I asked my son how he was adapting to social distancing; being in the house and at home all of the time due to the pandemic. I know he misses school because he talks about it a lot and keeps asking me if I think that the pandemic will die down soon. To sound hopeful, I reply, “I hope so.” I asked him if he feels bad not being able to make friends and hang out like he could before the pandemic started. He said “No, mom. People change.” Honestly, I understood immediately but he elaborated and said “mom, if I don’t have too many friends including some who aren’t really my friends, I won’t have a lot of drama to deal with.” All I could do was be proud in that moment. Seriously, I couldn’t argue with that at all.

He made a conscious decision based on facts and common sense that he is okay being content with that which he already has because he is drama-free and sees no point in getting mad about something that he cannot control. I had to let him know then and there that I am so proud of him (and I really am). I felt better knowing he was dealing with it in a mature way to the best of his ability.

Sometimes our children make so much sense and say things with a clear head better than we can. No matter what, I am just thankful for this. I teach my children everyday because everyday we learn something new but I am not too proud to say that sometimes I learn from them too.

Be kind, be safe, and stay alive.


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