Attention All Gardeners

attention all gardeners!
Time to get it!

Let’s Talk

Good evening you guys. It’s in the p.m. right now where I am and I hope no matter what your time zone, you are doing well. I wanted to take a little time to briefly talk to my fellow gardeners.

Fast-Paced Times

Preparation is key

Right now we are facing tough times and everything costs money. Yes, I know, but every penny that we put into our gardens, grow tunnels, raised beds, and etc. are going to be worthy investments. As you know, we are being faced with more hunger issues here in America and our skills are going to come in handy. First, for ourselves and our families, as well as for others if times keep going the way they are going.

There is nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables. It is becoming less common in our super markets and grocery stores all across the country. They are now encouraging some to embrace eating fruits and vegetables with spots and what not on them. I’m not saying anything bad about it but I am saying It doesn’t have to be the only choice. What a blessing for those of us who are able to grow everything we could possibly want! …and from seed!

Getting Ahead For Yourself and Your Family

fresh food is the best food.
Fresh food is the best food.

If you haven’t started your seeds for the upcoming season, please do. With the virus mutating and spreading so fast all across the country, our gardens may be the safest place to get fresh food safely. Please amp up for the spring grow season and get what you need so that you and your family will be more than ok. This includes your pots, greenhouses, dirt, and etc. If you have a family or friend there with you who is willing to help you maintain your garden or greenhouse, you will do very well. More stores are closing down. It is not just businesses of one kind. This also includes some markets and grocery stores. It will make you feel so good when you see how much a few seeds can give you.

I understand not everyone knows how to grow from seed but you can build up to it. YouTube is a good source of visuals on a lot of how-to videos right now. You may grow tomatoes and your neighbor may grow peppers. What one doesn’t have, the other will.

It’s One of My Greatest Passions

green thumb is a blessing
A green thumb is a blessing right now.

I get so excited every time I put my seeds in the dirt because I give them all the love I can knowing that they are going to give me ten times that in the end. It is a good stress-reliever as well and music helps while gardening also. If not, just the songs of the birds will do just fine too lol! I want to encourage you all to get what you need to start growing your own food as soon as you possibly can because you are going to need it. Trust me.

Until next time, as I always say, please be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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