Positive Light on Negativity

Good morning everyone. Hope you all are doing well and this Sunday morning is being kind to you. It’s cold outside for almost everyone in the U.S. today and will be for a while according to the news but I still hope you all are cozy, warm, stomachs full and just in a peaceful state of mind. I am.

I seriously learn something everyday. I am noticing that the more people try to set their minds to making it and bettering themselves, the more opposition they are getting (mostly from people who know better or really shouldn’t be doing it) but I wanted to be a hopeful voice this morning and let you know something. How can a person tell when they are doing something right? When they get more negative responses from different ones and it eats the person(s) up that you are no longer bothered by their negativity lol. Yes, it’s petty and pathetic but it’s true.

Some people, no matter how old, haven’t learned yet how to process their feelings and use their words properly. Some haven’t grown up or learned much yet. So, there are a lot of people who will come off as misogynistic, arrogant, narcissistic, etc. Maybe that is who they really are but either way, there is more than one way to skin a cat (I love animals just using an old saying) no matter how difficult it may seem. What is working for me at this time, killing them with kindness and not stooping to their level. We don’t owe anyone anything once we say thank you or pay them for whatever they have done for us. When you do that, you have closed the deal and are free to go on about your day and enjoy your life. When you go on about your day and it bothers a person that you aren’t feeding into the negativity, you are winning and you’re not degrading yourself while doing so.

One might say “Yeah, but they get more upset when I don’t respond.” Well, that’s their problem. That person is clearly miserable deep inside and it is pouring seeping through their skin and out through their behavior and attitude. That is something that person needs to work out and get help for themselves because that is clearly an issue within themselves that only they can take the initiative with and start getting healing and counseling for. Misery loves company but it is not your responsibility to be miserable with them or allow them to steal your joy. If you are doing good things, you should be proud of yourself first and keep believing in what you are doing because God sees everything.

If you are dealing with or have negative people that refuse to just mosey on and respectful be happy for you as you are bettering yourself, don’t be discouraged. Keep going. The devil doesn’t change his behavior, just faces. When you get “hated on” for doing good, you’re seeing a clear sign that you are doing something very right. Better to be despised for doing good than for doing bad. You may not have a lot of people give you credit for doing what’s right but they are still watching and your good deeds can’t be undone.

Please, be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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