The Winter Storm Affected Us As Well

Spring planting season is almost here and I am so excited because I have already started my seeds and have radish, purple mustard greens, kale, tomatoes, medicinal herbs, lettuce, onions, garlic and etc. started. I will definitely be planting more things of course to first and foremost, save money; second, to eat fresh and healthy.

winter storm 2021
We were driving miles and miles for water and saw this.

After the winter storm that hit us, I definitely have to kind of revamp the greenhouse and outdoor garden but it will be worth it. The only thing that survived the storm was what I had in the greenhouse. Moringa, garlic, onions, savoy cabbage, and aloe vera. Everything else that was outside and giving me seed even….gone. If it wasn’t for us going outside everyday during the storm to knock the ice off of the greenhouse, that would’ve been a complete loss. Banana trees, apple trees, orange trees, hop bushes…everything else is gone.

We lost power and water for about a week as well and almost everyone here almost went and cleared the shelves in the stores from light bread to water; from frozen pizza to bagels and English muffins; from chips to cereal and juices. I mean people bought out almost everything simple or that could be cooked outside. Even the Mr. Heater portable butane heaters sold out and generators as well. Thank God we were very blessed because I like to stock up ahead of time in cases of an emergency little by little. So, I had about four Mr. Heaters that I had invested in before hand. I don’t like to panic shop because that can put a person at risk during the pandemic at this time but just being wise little by little. It was days before light company trucks even showed up to be honest. I mean, almost four to five days later.

Everything was frosted for days and the birds flew no more than 2-3 feet above ground which is unheard of.

The loss of my banana trees hurt me pretty bad because I purchased them as babies and they had finally got up to almost five feet and now I am going to have to start over with them or just do without. I don’t want to do without because I am so invested and apparently, because the storm affected nurseries and etc., I basically have to start things from seed again as most people may be considering doing. I am definitely considering raising the bases of the plants where they will be off the ground and lessen the chances of damage that can occur. To save money, I’ll amend the soil because I just don’t like wasting anything when all you really have to do in most cases is give it a little TLC.

I was hesitant during the previous years to get more rain barrels. I initially used the rain water to grow my moringa trees but this year, I believe I will be using everything left that nature has to offer for free to aid with the health and growth of my plants. I believe I will even grow grain this year. I guess the point is I’m going all in because it may be the only way to be more self-sustained and survive economically.

If there is anyone else out there who has had their gardens damaged due to the storm, I pray you have your backup seeds so that you can grow that which you can from seed. I have been studying for the past three years on how to speed up the growth of certain plants without adding anything to them that isn’t natural and it is possible for some, but not all of them. The prices of everything is already so high and I see a huge amount of savings every month when I feed my family off of what I grow. Now, after the storm during this pandemic, I know it will be almost impossible to sustain like we should without having all of what we need. Those of us down south will basically be getting it how we live so to speak with our gardens unless there are some who received a large amount of “covid-cash” before now. Most have not.

My apologies for the blurry pic but we were driving and I took this screenshot from a video I made showing damage from the storm throughout our surrounding areas.

I am okay with it because growing what we need for my family. Something told me to go ahead and plant seeds about a month ahead of time but don’t put them outside just yet and I am so glad that I did. So I do have a decent head start but because the weather and temperatures are still unpredictable, the animals are on the hunt more for food themselves (meaning, animals that don’t usually come into our yards to eat and survive are doing it now) and it started last year to be honest. I saw wasps eating off of my bell peppers. The ants devoured a lot of my moringa tree bases, and deer ate my other types of cabbages and greens. It was rough. But I am grateful because I still have a decent head start.

Let me know how you are coping with the loss of your gardens, greenhouses, tunnels and etc. so that you can sustain this year beginning this spring season. I wish the best for everyone who is having to start again like myself. I will be talking more on this topic on my podcast “Mom Life Lessons with GG” because there is a lot to say about this issue and maybe it can help someone along the way.*

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