Garden Update II

grow as much as you can for yourselves and your families while you can!
Grow as much as you can for yourselves and your families.

Today I was able to just chill and look at how well the plants and seedlings are doing. Due to the weather just passed pretty much all through the United States, (The 2021 Winter Storm) I was blessed to be left with what was spared and wasn’t ruined. I am happy for what did survive. The seedlings that I planted about three days ago have already germinated and produced sprouts (about 12 more different types of plants.) This includes: Red Russian Kale (one of my favorites made as Kale Chips), Salt Wort, Parisian Carrots, Purple Beauty Peppers, Golden Cal Wonder Bell Peppers, Red Giant Mustards, Ruby Red Swiss Chard, Egyptian Spinach, Lady Slipper Radish, Tokyo Long White Bunching Onions, and Lemon Balm.

I will plant more in a few days or so. This year I decided to use every square inch of space in each garden and greenhouse to make sure that I make the best of the seeds and get as much harvest as possible. For some reason, I just feel more confident in getting the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that I want for my family and I straight from the plants. Seed mats are helpful as well to help speed up germination in order to make sure that I can transplant when spring officially arrives. This helps save money and keeps me from having to buy any plants from the nursery. I’ve decided to also have a go at Bokashi Composting because it looks pretty easier and affordable from what I’ve seen so far. There is talk on social media of how it is already getting hard to find certain plants and seeds. They are also spreading the word on how much more expensive the seeds that are available have gotten. This makes me thank God for purchasing seeds ahead of time.

I love to see how other gardeners are coming along with their gardens, greenhouses, tunnels, and raised beds. We all can learn from one another in my opinion. Here are some of the plants that made it through the 2021 Winter Storm:

I still need to do a lot of cleanup in the greenhouse and in all of the gardens but that will happen with time. every other day there is something to do but it is worth is because the results are pure and tasty lol. I have been using my garden now to just unwind and at the same time do something positive that benefits my family as well and not just myself. I have got to locate some cucumber seeds though lol. I love Boston Pickling Cucumbers.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and sunny day today like I’m having so far and gets to plant their seeds this week as well. More pics to come as everything grows and produces!

Happy Gardening Everyone!


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