Remaining Classy While Being Degraded and Disrespected

Pride and Youth

There are a lot of things that a woman will go through in life as she ages and matures. Some good and some bad. It never fails. For decades and maybe more, women just have not been given the respect they deserve; not just from men but from each other as well. There will come a day in every woman’s life whether it be when she is young, middle-aged, or older, where she will be faced with the decision of how she should react when faced with a difficult situation that can easily pull her out of character. Oh yes, It is true, believe me. When I was younger I had a more youthful mindset thinking that I knew everything and that I wouldn’t give anyone the time of the day to have a chance to disrespect me. I was wrong to think that I could control every aspect of my life. I was young. Sometimes, when we are younger, we think we can control the things that we can’t change or have no control over but time and experience have a way of proving us wrong and saying differently. Having too much pride has never really been a benefit for anyone.

When you’re young, you don’t consider the consequences of your actions or reactions as much as you do when you learn better and get older. It’s not to say anything bad about anyone who is still in their teens and twenties. It’s just a fact of life. When I was younger, I thought that I could just block out everyone who didn’t contribute to my life the way I wanted them to or thought they should; but then I grew older and more mature. I realized that we are going to have people come into our lives who don’t mean us well but can have a positive influence on our lives. Half of them we don’t ask to have there in the first place. Not everyone respects boundaries. Not everyone looks for “the welcome sign”. If they are “snakes in the grass”, we don’t have to accept the negativity that they bring, but on the positive side, we can learn from it. When we have the opportunity to go through something it helps us be more aware and knowledgeable in the future. Every lesson learned is a closer step to maturity and self-worth.

Stop The Cycle

I have had some people to really, and I mean REALLY try my patience. I’ve been spoken to in manners that aren’t polite, respectable, or Christ-like. Again, before I learned better, it used to upset me as it would naturally any woman or young lady but as I grew older I began to realize that the ugly words that were spoken to me by certain people hurt them more than they hurt me. They made the mistake of forming and spewing those words from their mouths and because what goes around comes around, they were going to reap all of them back. When I learned that I didn’t have to respond or react, I learned that by me refusing to degrade myself by doing so, I stopped the cycle of “karma” or “reap what you sow” with them. It stopped at them meaning they had to reap it back and that was the end of that and I could keep moving on in my life. Sometimes it takes a bigger person to walk away and not give people the reaction that they are seeking from you but in the end, it really does make you a better person. You actually win over them and sometimes they don’t even know it because they may be so wrapped up in getting a response out of a person when they push their buttons. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

We Can’t Control Them But We Can Control Ourselves

Sometimes a woman/young lady/girl has to just remain classy when someone says something degrading to her. There are some people out there who get a kick out of pushing buttons. There are some people who will make you so upset and the only time they feel better is when they transfer that anger and negative energy to you. There are some people out there who don’t care about karma, who don’t care about how they hurt or disrespect you no matter what you say or how well you prove it. Some don’t even care if others see them do it. So in my opinion, in the end, it is just not worth it letting them pull you out of character when that’s just going to offset your headspace and decrease your value. You don’t always have to stoop to someone’s level to get through to them. Sometimes, (in the words of lil boosie) you have to “walk away; save yourself a case“. They may not admit it to you right then or ever, but sooner or later they will realize they were wrong when their conscience eats them up as they are being treated the way they treated you.

It’s just more attractive to remain classy; remain the lady that you are. A strong mindset is sexy. It’s mature. It’s productive and a blessing. The devil himself attacks the mind first then once he weakens that, he knows he can get a person to do pretty much whatever he wants them to do. Well, the people he works through use the same technique. Brush it off, keep your head up, and keep going.

Everyday I seriously learn something new. Life is full of lessons. I’m trying to stay woke so that I don’t miss any of them. Everyday presents a new opportunity to grow even when we are growing through the worst experiences in our lives. If we make the right decisions, we will come out on top everytime.


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