Lesson #1 – Times Have Changed and So Have People

I’m Still Learning

I have come to realize that there are a lot of angry people in this world in this day and time. I understand that almost all of us are going through something; some more than others. I understand that everyone deals with their hardships and situations differently but I have to admit that I was hoping that at least the basic common denominator would be wanting the best and most respectful outcome.

Kindness is a virtue

All of us are not the same no matter what our racial background. The reason I say this is because some people are humble and some people are not. Some people are happy and some people are miserable. Some people want to do what is right and some people don’t. Some people respect the rules and some people do not. Some people are caring and giving and some people are heartless and stingy. Some people you can trust and some people can’t be trusted no farther than you can see them. There are so many different types of people in this world today and it isn’t about their skin color; it is more about what is in their hearts and minds. Out of the two, actions are formed; some good and some bad.

Morals Are Leaving With Each Generation

I try to teach my children to be as wise as possible because the world is not full of the same type of people that were here say fifty years ago. A lot has changed and with it, so have the people. You have to watch your back. You have to be careful and cautious more than ever because every time you look around, someone is getting mad over the most simple and ignorant thing. People are quick to judge now, quick to react irresponsibly, and quick to anger. There are not that many people who are willing to do the right thing, make peace, or treat you as you should be treated. Almost everyone is out for themselves. It is sad to say but it is still a fact.

Wisdom is a blessing

A Real Good Friend Is Hard To Find

So, if you run upon a person who is good, kind, trust-worthy, understanding, a cheerful giver, loving, thoughtful, dependable, mature, who has sound judgment, deals with facts, listens to reason, has morals, and etc., thank your creator for them because they are a dime a dozen right now. A lot of people have lost their lives, families, finances, and etc. trusting someone or associating themselves with someone that they thought had their best interest in mind. This is just not the time to take chances with the one life that we were given to live. It is precious. I am learning that myself every day almost. I count it a blessing to be able to learn from any situation so that I can do my very best to avoid any confusion or bad outcome in the future.

We literally have a world of things that we can talk about but we hear so much of it being bad, sad, and hurtful things and not so much on working together to resolve things for peace sake. Too much of a thing can be bad for one and we need more inspiration of love and peace. The confusion going on right now is just killing mankind.


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