Happy Easter Everyone!❤️

This is the most I could do to celebrate online with you all and just say that I hope that you are having a wonderful Easter Morning and that this Easter Sunday is the start of a better and new spring season for you and your families during this time. Life for us all is different but if we are completely honest with ourselves, we will be able to see that no matter how hard our lives may be, we are still blessed. Nobody really loves to hear the words “things could be worse” but the truth is, they could. So I am thankful for all of the blessings that the Lord has blessed me with through these difficult times; making a way when I couldn’t see how it could be possible which has encouraged me to not lose hope. It has encouraged me to keep doing what I know to be right and keep learning and putting what I learn in practice to become the best version of myself.

You can do it too! Today, I just want to spread love, good thoughts, and hope to everyone out there. During the previous month and entering into this one, I have to keep it real and tell you all that God has been exceedingly good to me. Every time that it seemed I was about to be so bewildered and burdened, he lightened my load, gave me hope and again, made a way out of no way. I’m so serious right now. So, this Easter Sunday, I have a lot to be thankful for. In the words of the song by the Jackson Southernaires, “There ain’t nothing God can’t do.”

Here is a brief vocal greeting from me to you all! The amazing Truthettes singing “Making a Way”. This is just one of the amazing songs that I grew up listening to and it is still relevant today. Spread love and Joy this Easter. We have a reason for this season!

Just touching base with you all. Thank you for staying strong and hanging in there with me as I take time to improve my online store and get some things lined up. More useful information to come soon! ❤️
  1. What’s up!
  2. Grow To Survive Baby
  3. I’m Back! (Positive Self-Reflection)
  4. Natural Headache Relief
  5. Happy Easter Everyone!❤️

Happy Easter Everyone!

❤️ GG

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