Garden Update Four…I Think? (Lol)🍃

So, the garden, as I keep saying lol, is essential right now during these tough times. I love mine. I have to admit, God is good! My garden knowledge is growing as well. I absolutely love being able to go out on the porch and tend to my seedlings and then, move on to the bigger plants outside. Remember the earlier posts about my seedlings and the pictures that I posted? Well, with time, patience, some music, and love, they’re doing alright lol. So far, mostly success. There have been a few fails but mostly wonderful progress. A lot of these things, I have never grown from seed or at all before now, I am super excited about this. In a little while, matter of fact, I’m going to head out to check on my green stalk planter and the seedlings. Meanwhile, I wanted to post some updated pictures of what is doing good so far. I can’t post pix of them all at this time but here are a few …or so. Please keep in mind, Those different varieties of tomatoes, kales, onions, and etc. that were seedlings, most of them are doing really good so far thank God!

I hope you all are having a wonderful time gardening and learning about gardening. I know that I am! The sunshine and these plants just…illuminate me for some reason lol.

All love,


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