Sometimes They Will Disappoint You

Angels From Heaven

We all love our children. We all know that they go through phases and things are not always going to be on the up and up as they grow up and become young adults before they leave out on their own. For all moms who weren’t aware, I hate to have to inform you of this but there will be times when your children will disappoint you. It will range from not being completely honest with you to straight up lying about something they may or may not have done. Trust me and it is something that you will feel better about if you are prepared. Why? Because we all see our own children as angels from heaven who can do no wrong; simply because they are ours. However, as angelic as they are, there will be times when they are going to send your temperature straight through the roof and test your patience or break your heart.

It Is Bound To Happen

I was warned about this before my children entered into elementary school but unfortunately, I don’t think had fully digested it to be fully prepared lol. When it did happen, I was so mad but more so, so hurt to my heart. After that, it happened more and i began to realize as they grow up, there are going to be some things that they are going to do that we aren’t always proud of. I had to let whichever one of them that it was who did it know that I was hurt, disappointed and sometimes, how it ran my blood pressure up (lol but so serious) and then, clear my head, talk with them and teach them to consider the consequences of what they do, show them the benefit of making better decisions, ground them, and go on with a loving heart like we, as moms, do all of the time. Children teach you patience. Please believe me. Your man or husband will too but you can’t leave your children when you are fed up. You can leave that man but you can’t break up with your children (lol). They are yours till your last day even when they are adults; they will still be in your heart and on your mind. They have that natural power because they are ours.

As mine got older, they began to go through that phase of “I know everything; you’re just old fashioned mama”. This I would laugh at because I went through the same thing only I don’t think I was as stubborn as they were. I was raised by a whole other generation where you had the utmost respect for your parents and elders no matter what. You didn’t get mad when you got a spanking or grounded for doing wrong. You just understood that you merited it and you didn’t get mad about it. You simply corrected your attitude along with your behavior and behaved better to never get grounded again. Simple. However, it is not so simple in this day and time because our children are different. They have more at their fingertips. So you have to adjust with the times in order to still give them decent upbringing so that they may turn out to be honest, good, and responsible adults at least.

Grab Your Cup of Coffee

Sometimes you will need a sip of wine or some coffee. Sometimes you will need to go sit on the porch or the balcony and clear your mind and after gathering your thoughts, lead by example and deal with each situation appropriately and go on until the next thing comes up. Listen to me please: IT IS A REAL NONSTOP JOB! But, don’t despair, as long as we teach them about right and wrong helping them understand the goodness in being the best person that they can be, it will get better. Then, when they have children of their own, you will get to sit back, relax, grab that cup of coffee and this time, watch them go through what they put you through (lol). They they will have no choice but to learn from experience. This is one reason why I always say “experience is the best teacher.” It really is. There are adults that I know who can’t be told NOTHING. …and I mean NOTHING. I think to myself, “they must’ve had their way their entire life and now it is handicapping them from understanding that everything carries consequences.” But let me tell you something, those same adults, when they have to hit it hard by experience, you don’t have to say a word. They will understand. Even if they never admit it to you. Trust me.

Lesson That I Have Learned

There will always be something that comes up out of no where that we will have to deal with. It’s how we deal with those situations and get through them that matters the most. We can’t stop issues from coming up but we can deal with them the best way that we know how in order to save ourselves headaches in the future. Anything that I say in my post is not literal advice; just real life experience or observation. I can’t tell anyone what to do; not my job. But, I can share what I am learning with others and that is all that I am doing. We need all of the help that we can get.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive,

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