As They Grow Older

Adjusting and Learning As a Parent

So, I am learning with time that as our children grow older, they become less interested in doing family activities together. I’m an old-fashioned mom so I believe in making time for family sometimes. I understand that as they grow older, they will have their own interests and things to do but I would hate for my children to forget that family will be there in the end when everyone else is gone (or at least that’s the way it is suppose to be). During this time as we continue to try to survive and make the best of our time during this pandemic, I would imagine that it would be considered a blessing to have family no matter how big or small. However, at the same time, I am learning that each generation changes as time goes on and things that the previous generation loved and did, the next may not. It’s a learning process and takes time to adjust to.

Have We Been Replaced By Technology?

I’ve always believed in building a strong bond with our families and making the best of what we have so that maybe one day, we may achieve more together. You know how the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” I also believe that the more people are united (especially in a family), the stronger they are and can be. It’s been proven time and time again. But I do realize also that our children these days are more into technology. Their games, their phones, laptops, and televisions have pretty much become their new family. They can literally sit still almost all day on their phones and what not completely satisfied only taking breaks to use the restroom and eat. Other than that, to them, that’s the life. Parents, we may have very well been replaced lol.

Fun is good in moderation but I will be honest, I am (for lack of a better word I guess) doing some research on ways to get children involved more in family activities. So far so good but it takes a bit of patience and tenacity because it seems that if it doesn’t involve technology, they might not go for it lol. I would love to just see more of families spending time outside playing volley ball in their yards, basketball, tennis, racing, driving go karts, riding four-wheelers, and etc. without having to pick up an electronic at all or at least until they are done. It’s actually very healthy and it helps them not become lazy and out of shape.

There’s Nothing Wrong With a Little Nudge

My son spent a month not going outside at all but played his video game everyday almost. When I opened the curtains to let sunlight in, he reminded me of vampires when they are exposed to light lol! I laughed so hard and I told him “This is definitely letting me know that you need more outside time. Sunlight is good for you. It gives the skin what it needs.” Since then, I give him more chores to do outside if for no other reason to help give him the nudge he needs to get out more lol. (Kids, I tell ya!)

Any other parents noticing the differences between this generation and our own?

I am afraid that at the speed that we are moving with technology, if we don’t embrace more time with nature, outdoor activities, and innocent “old-fashioned” fun, it may very well become a thing of the past. You know, like telephones that were attached to the wall by telephone cords that we used to use before cell phones came out. What do you all think?


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