New Edition To The Family! Yay! (Plus GreenStalk Planter Update 💚🍃🌱

New Adorable Chick-a-dees! O…M….G!!!!

Mom life lessons with gg chics
New Additions to the Fam!

I am so excited and so happy! I hear I may be becoming a small farmer but I do not care! These are our new babies. We are still putting their little house together with time but so far so good! They’re very happy and eating like there is no tomorrow lol! Also, they’re very smart and their personalities are coming to light as well. Because this is my very first time raising chickens, it is as whole new and exciting adventure for me because everyday I am learning something new about them. The one in the first pic, we call miracle. Why? Because we had a bad round of severe thunderstorms unlike no other and they were outside. Everyone of them survived it (for two days) but miracle was sitting there looking like he had been afraid to go to the food and eat and had stayed in the little house we made for them and he was cold and needed heat as well. So, we brought him in and nursed him back to health for about seven hours. His chirp was weak and he could barely move.

I quickly studied up on how to get his strength up and get him to eat again; my babygirl and I. I gave him some honey water for about three hours through a medicine dropper and let him sit on a heating pad kept on low until he felt better. Soon I started urging him to drink and eat more. About the fifth hour, his chirp got stronger and he began to peck at the food in front of him. He was laying on my bed like a baby on his side taking a nap. I had never seen this before so it amazed me. About the sixth hour, he jumped up and started moving his little head and looking around chirping loud like a baby so i made a little area for him with some wood chips, the heating pad, his own food and water, and one of my cloth garden pots. Soon I was able to convince him to start drinking more. I said “Go ahead and try; drink a little” and he went over to the water and began to drink a little, look up at me as if to say “see, I did it!” And drink more and look up almost every time as he did. This made me and my daughter become super attached to him lol.

Next thing we knew he was running around in his little play area chirping so loud he could be heard through the house and outside. I took it as a sign that he missed his sisters and brothers outside so we picked him up and took him back outside to the coop we built for them. As soon as his little feet hit the floor, he took off running into their little house and it was like a family reunion. They all huddled around him so close and they had their own little talk lol. He was so happy and so were they. This was about three days ago. I still check on him to see how he is doing and so far, so good. He is growing strong lol. If I can get the editing down packed, I may post the videos of us nursing miracle back to health on my YouTube channel and link it here in this blog.

Of course, I still have a lot to learn about raising chickens but so far, I love it! Everything needs love, patience, and time so, why not? Lol. This gave me so much joy and my daughter was so happy that he was okay. We thought we were going to lose him at first. Thank God we didn’t. I am looking at You Tube videos to try to learn more about raising them but if anyone has any suggestions or tips about it, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I have wanted chickens for years and now I have them. Next, I’ll pray for cows and horses (laughing but so serious).

Meanwhile, the green stalk vertical planter, the first one, is doing tremendously well! I am now an official southern mom. I don’t mind it at all though. There is a certain peace about embracing life in a positive way and just being yourself that I can’t quite describe but I love it.

I hope you all are having a safe and wonderful spring as best as you can! Please be kind, stay safe, and stay alive!


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