There Is Nothing That Can Compare To Being Original✨

Who Are We Trying To Be?📣

I believe it is a good thing to learn something new everyday as we get older. If we Don’t learn, how can we grow?. If we don’t grow, how can we survive and stay alive? It is sometimes hard being authentic because it won’t be what’s trending or popular at the moment but it is what’s real. I love being authentic. Some use the term different but when I gave it thought and consideration, it’s only different because less people are going in that direction or behaving the same way as the smaller group of are but it doesn’t mean it is different in an odd way. When you you don’t focus on being like everyone else, doing the same things that they are doing, talking the same way that they are talking, you may find that you can get a better view of your true self. I did.

Learning To Think For Myself💫

I used to get mad when I would have people copy what I do, my ideas, what I say, how I walk, how I talk, and my style. I don’t get mad about it anymore because that means without them even seeing the reality of the situation, they’re helping me be a leader instead of a follower. There is nothing wrong with following good examples but it is also a better idea to be able to think for ourselves and be original.

At one point, I had certain ones who would literally copy everything I did with no shame as if they had no clue that it was beginning to show them up and make them look bad. I would draw sketches and they began to draw. I got into photography; they got into photography, I got into sewing; they got into sewing. I got into natural remedies; they got into natural remedies. I started getting deeper into my love for all things natural and gardening; they did that too. I mean almost everything! And yes, these were adults doing this! I got wiser and instead of getting upset about it, I decided to trademark everything that I do (literally) and make it so that there would be something about my craft, business, hobby, or skill that they couldn’t mimic to the letter. Then, I started standing out as the originator and they as the mimic. Of course, this made me smile. No one wants someone munching off of them every time they turn around but I have learned that there will be times that some people have no shame and will do whatever for attention. Also, when they would mimic me, they never stayed with one thing for a decent period of time. Instead of getting better at it and making it there own, they would quickly move on to the next; never doing anything original themselves.

They Learn From Everything That We Do💭

As a parent, I do my best to teach my children to always be original. Don’t be so fast to follow trends. Be yourself. Perfect being YOU. Everyone has a purpose and sometimes, people who work against you serve the purpose of showing others the difference between good and bad. However time, age, and experience taught me patience and understanding. They taught me not to spend so much time focusing on the negatives instead of the positives. Dwelling in the negative serve no purpose and give no benefit. Focusing on the good and the blessings can profit us in more ways than one. It makes one become refined, seasoned, and one of a kind in the best way possible. It gets better with time. Soon, one can become really good at turning negatives into positives. In this life that we are living in right now, we don’t really have much of a choice.

Time Is Precious 🕑

Everyone has one life to live for themselves. So why not live for ourselves being our true selves to the best of our abilities? I wouldn’t want to spend my entire life trying to be someone that I am not. Then I would have missed out. Time is truly precious. It does not wait on anyone. It serves its purpose perfectly. We, however, are here trying to make the best of it no matter what we may be facing. Everyone was made different with different talents for a reason. Instead of burying them trying to be someone else, what’s wrong with trading them on the highest order and growing into who we were put here to be?

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive


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