Teaching Our Children Patience (and Appreciation)🌷

They Learn So Fast

Our children and technology

Everyone with children know how it is during these times when it comes to their patience. It’s almost non-existent lol. This generation that we are bringing into the world right now are completely spoiled. I say this with love but truth. Things that we had to wait for and learn the value of time and patience with, they don’t. It used to be so that one had to wait until they were at least half grown to get a technical device but now, not so. By the age of five, most kids know how to operate an iPhone, android, IPad, and etc without assistance. They simply get on it and go to exploring lol and it doesn’t take long before they know things about our devices that we didn’t have time to learn.

From The Old-School

Be thankful for everything

If you follow me, you know I grew up in the generation that was taught to have the utmost appreciation for time and patience. We earned everything that we got. We didn’t get everything that we wanted. We couldn’t have a fit for it, bargain with our parents to get the newest phones or iPads that were about to be released, we couldn’t negotiate our way out of punishment, we couldn’t choose which chores we wanted to do, and when we were rewarded for our good deeds and obedience, we most definitely earned it. On top of that, we were taught to appreciate it because a replacement was hard to come by and to take care of it because the heads of our households had a whole family to provide for as well as general bills.

I didn’t mind at all because as I grew up and began to accumulate things for myself, I saw and understood the reason for being taught these things. So, when I paid cash for my first pair of glasses, tech devices, and everything else without having to go into debt, I felt wonderful. With patience and time taught to me by my parents and elders, I began to accumulate a decent lifestyle that I could be comfortable with. I began to look back on how I was brought up and realize that they showed me more love doing so because nothing was taken for granted. It made me more considerate and appreciative for the smallest blessings as well as the biggest ones. It gave me a sense of comfort and refinement. It made me thank God for my parents and elders because it was more than just being patient, earning everything I was given, and appreciating them. I was taught many lessons along with these life experiences as I grew up. It also taught me to care about other people’s feelings. It taught me that those who worked hard to provide for me or gift me with those things had to give up something for themselves in order to make me happy; all they required in return was a thank you and for me to have respect, time, and patience as well as just be a good person as I grew up. Later on in life as I grew older, whenever given anything or working for anything, I never saw it as “something I was automatically entitled to be spoiled with”. I learned that good things come to those who wait and to not complain when someone goes out of their way to do something for you (especially if it is from their heart) but to show at least the basic appreciation for it with a thank you and a smile as well as take care of it because that is what I would want someone to do if I were to give them something.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience really is a virtue

Patience really is a virtue. Our children in this day and time don’t really have to wait for or earn much of anything and honestly, it may come back to haunt us in the end. It can be adjusted though; it just takes time. We want people to be patient with us so we have to be patient with them too. Also, the fast way is not always the best way. I’m just speaking from experience though lol.

Until next time, be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.

♥️ GG

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