“What Do You Want For Mother’s Day?“ 💐🌺

If you are anything like me, you don’t have a clue what to want for Mother’s Day. I mean, I seriously do not know. I am the type of mom who makes sure that everyone else is okay even if it means that I will do without…..a lot of the time. So, when my daughter asked me what I would like for Mother’s Day, I was stumped. It may be embarrassing to admit but it’s the truth. I told her I haven’t had anyone really consider giving me things I want just for me in so long till I am stumped. Usually, I get things that others decide to get me because they think it would be best for me, cheap, most expensive, or something that would better be useful for me to use around the house for everyone. You know, Like a blender, an air fryer, a dehydrator….stuff like that which doesn’t just benefit me. I haven’t received a gift that I want that may not necessarily benefit everyone or is just something I want because I want it in a long time….(wait, I did this year for my birthday lol) but you know, usually, these are the types of gifts that most of us get.

So, I told her “Just get me whatever you can afford that is in your heart baby.” She said “no mom, I want to get you something that YOU want. Not what you can use for everyone else.” I said wow, again, it may be sad to say but I haven’t heard that in a long time but I will need a little time to think about it honey because I am blessed. I have a lot already” She said Ok and to let her know.

Honestly, it was very flattering and made me feel special for real. Whatever she does decide to get me, I will seriously be thankful. When some of us get to be a certain age, the materialistic part of Mother’s Day isn’t the hype. The gifts that come from the heart start to mean more than the cost; at least that is the way it is for me now. I’m okay with that too. I am now the type of mom to hang a heart felt letter from one of the kids on my wall and let it stay there for years until it has turned yellow. That’s me. I still have a drawing that my daughters drew for me when they were in the first grade hanging on my wall now. It’s so cute. It is yellow now about to turn brown. They are in college now. They can’t believe that I still have it but I can. It means the world to me.

Having my family all together, safe, happy, well-fed and healthy will definitely be one of the best gifts that I could ask for this Mother’s Day but I will not refuse whatever gifts that they find in their hearts to give to me lol. The biggest part is knowing that they care.

What are you all doing for Mother’s Day? Do you want anything expensive or are you easy to shop for now like I am lol? Either way, I am hoping that all is well for every mother in the world this Mother’s Day. Lord knows we could use peace, love, and appreciation.

Please, be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.

🌺 GG

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