I Spoil Him More Than Anyone! (And He Knows It)

Meet my Bad A$# puppy named Cole. Technically, He stopped being a puppy about four months ago but I still refer to him as such I talk to him or about him because I spoil him so much. I can’t help it. He is tough as nails and he does NOT play but he is always happy to spend time with me, go for walks and etc. He is a show off also. He makes his dad mad by doing things on purpose to get on his nerves and I just laugh so hard lol. All I do is give him love and he will go to the wire for me without any question or doubt.

When no one else in the fam can get him to obey, he listens to me (sorry lol?) He loves to take long walks, be protective, eat, and play. He is so smart. Honestly, He is the smartest pet that I have ever owned and he has a personality that makes him even more priceless. He will stand in a pose to literally pose for the cam and show off his muscles without notice and sit on top of his doghouse to let all of the other animals know that he is the boss of the entire neighborhood, and look gangster and handsome while doing so. I am so proud of him.

When our last dog died, it crushed us all and took a while for us to get over it. It took a LONG time. I didn’t want another dog. She was a lab and she died when the kids were away at school. The kids were in junior high at the time. I couldn’t find it in my heart to break it to them; neither one of us could. I cried like a baby for weeks and weeks. Now, Cole is here and we are so happy. His bark is amazing. His muscle definition…..omg! His level of being protective of this family…..priceless. He is sharp as a tac and well, you see him lol.

I have video of him playing with his rope toy and it is awesome. I wanted to also put it up on my YouTube channel but I haven’t had time to upload the last post that I wanted to go up there; hopefully I will soon though. His dad was impressed by his strength on that one lol.

I am already an animal lover but it’s on a whole new level now lol. Profound respect.

Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone!

P.s. Try to do something good that makes you smile today; doesn’t matter how simple it is. Do it for you. 😁

❤️ GG

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