Happy Mother’s Day To All Mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms All Over The World!

To All Mothers

I just wanted to take out a little time to say Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers all over the world! Happy Mother’s Day! Today is our day. Today is primarily what my site is all about. We go through heartaches and pain, trials and tribulations, all types of stress including financial and family related, we literally sacrifice all that we are and have for the ones that we love ( it doesn’t just go for our families), and we manage with the help of the lord to get back up every time that we may fall or be knocked down, and we try again and harder because we have people depending on us. We have people that we love with every fiber of our being. We give all that we have till our last day. Despite the pain during child birth, the issues while carrying them in my womb, and everything else, I wouldn’t change it for the world and I would do it again without question. I thank God for my mother who is in heaven right now. She is with me still today always. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have this kind of love to pass on to my children.

Luv your momma

Not only is today a holy day of rest, but also a day for us all to sit back and relax and just chill even more. I plan to just rest, sit back and look over the years with a happy heart and be thankful for all that the lord has helped me get through. I thank him this special Sunday for giving me strength to be here another day with my family. I love my children no matter what the disappointments, heartaches, or anything else; everyone makes mistakes but it’s about learning from them and doing better.

I Can’t Help But To Be Thankful

I am thankful beyond the words that I have to express. I feel loved. I feel appreciated and I feel strengthened to keep on holding on and doing even better. I’ll continue to pour out love from my heart to my family and others that I love. Today, it will be about laughing till our stomachs hurt, smiling, eating, dancing and celebrating; doing whatever else that is fun and centered around happiness. That was my biggest request for this Mother’s Day. We are living in a time of a pandemic that has taken the lives of so many, that has separated so many, that has saddened so many so, I today, my family is here with me and I am so happy already.

Make Today The Best Day Ever

Being a mother is amazing

Everyone out there, please, have a wonderful day today. Celebrate your mothers and mothers, celebrate yourselves. The sun is shining as if to say “Here ya go. Enjoy yourself today!” That is what I definitely plan on doing lol. I got up out of bed before everyone else to post and then, to enjoy the day. Again, Happy Mother’s Day to moms all over the world! Today is your day! Live life today and enjoy it to the fullest! (Be safe also) We are blessed! Make memories!

❤️❤️❤️ GG

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