Oh My Kit-N-Kaboodles!

Cats, Cats, and More Cats!

So, we have always had kittens and we knew that they were going to have babies. However, I didn’t know that the more they get pregnant, the more babies they can have! Our kittens are so smart and adorable. Each Have their own personality. There’s “Tiger” (because he is the hunter of the bunch), “Greyson” (because he is grey and white with beautiful blue eyes; he is also the guardian of the group), and “Socko” (Tiger’s female twin who is so adorable and humble that it’s mesmerizing lol). All three are “Cheerio’s” babies who have grown up. Then there is “Cheerio” aka “mama” and “Silver 2” who is white with grey spots. She was born with a blue eye and a green eye. Cheerio is Silver’s mother’s sister and the oldest of the group.

Now, Cheerio has had another liter of kittens…..five to be exact and we can’t believe how humble and beautiful every single one of them are. They will literally sit there, look up at you, and listen to you while you speak and they love it when we sing to them or just stand there and talk to them. They also love to be rubbed on their backs or little stomachs till they fall asleep. I believe we have spoiled them. It’s hard not to. Below are pics of Cheerio, Socko, and two of Cheerio’s babies: “Delorian” and “Brownie”. Everyone said from the beginning that they wouldn’t get attached but guess what? They are lol.

Protection For Your Home

I didn’t know that cats could have so many kittens so often but I have learned. Now I am looking for a way to keep them from having so many babies back to back. That’s a lot of responsibility lol. Silver 2 has also had one kitten who is also gorgeous. She, however, is a little mean like her mother. Silver is protective like a mama bear on everything lol. Anyway, I have blabbed enough about our kittens and cats. I wonder how many people have gotten kittens and cats during the pandemic. We didn’t purchase any. Our cats won’t stop reproducing lol but I’m not complaining. Just don’t want it to get over-crowded. On a serious note though, every year, all of the cats protected us from snakes that would come from the wooded areas near us. They literally surrounded the snakes and wouldn’t allow them to come near the house. They would stay there guarding them until we would come outside to see the snakes and dispose of them. I am terrified of snakes so this is the main reason I am thankful for them. As they get older, the males will compete against each other and unfortunately, run each other off leaving the females. This lessens the number of cats that we have every year after they get a certain age but they always end up balancing out.

Don’t forget to love your pets!


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