Times Are Changing

Do You Remember The Times

Does anyone remember when you could leave your door open for at least a few hours while you walked over to the neighbor’s house beside you and not worry about anyone trying to break in, steal from, or hurt you? Anyone remember when we didn’t have to literally watch our backs and be super alert at every waking moment? Sounds like a fairytale now doesn’t it? Well, for anyone in the age range of 30 and below, yes, it was as real as a slice of light bread. We used to be able to be more chill at one point and time. Now, you have to be careful, mindful, and alert with everything that you do and say so to speak. Confusion can pop off at any given moment, a dangerous lurker could be around in your neighborhood using the most inconspicuous ways to cause harm (studying times and ways to do the most wrong), and the laws of the land are changing almost everyday for different groups of people without them even knowing.

More Debt and Less Money Saved

It’s not as easy to achieve the “American Dream” for anyone younger who say….just graduated from high school or college who may be looking to have an easy start at getting out there on their own. It’s almost impossible depending on your racial background and honestly, that’s a shame. We were taught “go to school, go to college, get your degree, and you will be able to get any job that you want and life will be so much easier.” Well, that may still be told to some but the truth is it is no longer a fact. The bills have multiplied so badly till it is impossible to live decently with a salary less than a minimum of two thousand a month. We are being charged for things that used to come as a complete package separately now. If you buy a computer, guess what? You will more than likely not have a DVD player in it and will have to purchase that separately (unless you pay almost a grand or more for it). Hardly anything functions properly without WiFi now. This was not always the case around twenty years ago. This is how fast times have changed.

It’s Different For Our Children Now

Children didn’t really know about sex until their parents had “the talk” with them. Yes, they had classmates who were probably being a little “fast” sometimes but it never got out of hand like it is now. Now, our kids can basically get a sex education from a commercial if you’re not careful (Smh). If not, their peers or the internet without us even knowing. It is literally that easy for our children to be exposed to things that are not good for them without us even knowing. Most of the time it is done in a sneaky and quiet way. Oh, how the times have changed.

We Have To Be Wise

We have so much comfortability at our fingertips but little do we know it all comes with a price. Most of the time, a price that if we were completely honest, we wouldn’t want to pay. Basically I am saying this: While the times have truly changed and advanced, we still have to be even more careful, wiser, and teach our children (our families and loved ones) to be alert at all times so that they can simply be ok. One has to be smart and focused even when having fun during these times. We have to have a determined mind to filter the bad from the good in our lives and make wise decisions to ensure that we have a future. Times have changed greatly. I can’t possibly be the only one who has noticed this.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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