DIY Wasp Spray

This little creature can cause a lot of harm

Good morning everyone. Hope today is starting off for you all as beautiful as it starting for me. I wanted to share a quick old fashioned solution to something most of us who don’t live within city limits could probably use. It’s natural and very affordable which makes it even better. You won’t have to guess the ingredients.

DIY wasp spray

If you are on who owns land out in the country or just a little away from the city, you may experience a growing nagging problem that we experience every single year for the past four or five years. This year it is the worst and summer has not arrived yet. Wasps start making their nests in the corners of houses, parked vehicles, and almost anything that has a compartment to it outside. This year they are flying around way more aggressive than ever before. They are flying up close to us outside a lot more than normal and it is very annoying when you have no idea if they are going to sting you. I, myself, I terrified of them after knowing a few people who were allergic and some who weren’t who were stung and both incidents were scary to see. If you have a wasp situation developing where you live on your property or where you live, hopefully this will help you out. It is also good for those who have indoor pets like myself who don’t want to spray all kinds of chemicals in the house causing harm to your pets. I use it on the porch, indoors, in the greenhouse and even outside while working in my garden. My family loves how fast it works.

DIY Wasp Spray

  • Faucet water
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • A spray bottle


It’s simple. After peeling the garlic cloves, mince them as fine as you can to release the oils within on your chopping board. Don’t mince them till they’re mush; only small enough to release the natural oils within. Then, simply take the minced garlic and put them all into the spray bottle of your choice. Add faucet water until the spray bottle is almost full but not to the very top. Put the spray bottle top on and shake it up very aggressively until you start to see the water and garlic mixture change color to maybe light yellow for about a minute or two. Keep the bottle with you when outside (or inside somewhere close because sometimes they invite themselves in lol) and use as needed. The longer you let this mixture set, the more effective it is. I actually let mine sit for months until it is gone. Yes, it is going to stink to high heaven but I’ve learned it just makes it more effective.

Yes, you can spray them head on when you are finished making the mixture. Of course, don’t get up close to them when doing so. Please use precaution. When approached by a wasp, you can use this spray to vigorously spray them and they will usually hit the ground or floor quickly.

I have been using this simple remedy for almost seven years and it has never failed me. When I go outside to work in the greenhouse, there have many times they have been inside and wouldn’t leave. I used this spray and once they hit the ground, I smashed the wasp and that was that. Sometimes they just died on the spot. Better the wasp than me.

I hope some of you out there find this remedy helpful if you haven’t already heard of it.

❤️ GG

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