There’s Medicine and Free Food In The Garden

So, during the times that we are living in right now, I am finding more and more that every blessing small and great should be appreciated. Small things lead to bigger things. This past Saturday, I began to see all of my hard effort in the garden start to pay off. I have plenty of blooms on the okra, tomatoes, peppers, corn, kale, herbs, moringa, and etc. Every single thing (except cilantro) grew from seed and is doing amazing. I wanted, like most people that I am seeing do, to grow enough to spend as little as possible in the grocery store first and foremost. Second, to finally take advantage of this growing season to grow as much as possible to preserve all kinds of ways enough to possibly last through the winter months.

Banana Peppers and Belgium Tomatoes grown from seed
Green Banana Peppers and Belgium Tomatoes that I grew from seed as well as marigolds.
Salad ingredients grown from seed
Mostly salad ingredients and squash

Times are tough right now and inflation is the highest thing right now (as far as I’m concerned) so one has to do what one has to do. This year, I am helping my family save money as much as possible because we are still in a pandemic and hunger is real right here in America. Not just other countries but here also and there are a lot of people at a disadvantage right now. I can’t speak for everyone, but there is a certain comfort I get from not having to put myself at risk right now during this pandemic (out among people more often than I may like to be) just to get food for my family (which we all need) as well as saving money as much as possible.

Peas grown in my GreenStalk Vertical Planter from seed
I forget what kind of peas these are but they’re growing in my GreenStalk.

This is why I encourage everyone, once again to grow something. Grow as much as you possibly can. Seeds turn to plants and plants turn to food, remedies, and better health. ….for free or little of nothing. You won’t have to worry about someone spitting or coughing on it before you enter the store while trying to find affordable food for your family, you won’t have to worry about being encouraged to buy half rotten food, and you won’t have to worry about paying highway-robbery type prices for food that keeps going up. You can get the freshest ingredients and cook like a chef right from the comfort of your home as much as you like and become more healthy while doing it.

Prickly Pear that I’ve been growing for a couple of years now
Prickly Pear that I’m going to grow more of

A pack of seeds cost around two to four dollars or so a pack depending on where you get them and what the seeds are but they are so worth it. That one pack will grow an acre of food if you choose. But you get so many more choices of tomatoes, peppers, greens, herbs, fruits, and etc from the ability to learn how to grow from seed. Just give it a try and once you see that plant get bigger and produce fruit, and taste the freshness, you just might be hooked. You will be able to say “I did this! I grew all of this and I can go pick whatever I want from my garden without having to pay anyone a dime.”

Black Cherry Tomatoes growing in my GreenStalk Planter
Cherry Tomatoes in the Greenstalk

The first harvest may be a little small but the more you pick from them, the more they will produce and you’ll end up having to preserve them or give some away because your harvest will overflow. And when you share with people, people share with you. I hope this encourages someone out there to give it a try. It can save you months of cash and that money can go towards something else you may need more.

♥️ GG

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