He Almost Destroyed My Tomato Tower

Tomato horn worms
Been gardening for years and they still scare me.

So yesterday evening we had finished watering the gardens and greenhouse but I had an urging feeling to go back out to the green stalks and take a look. Lo and behold, there this creature was! I literally stood there and watched shocked and awed at how I was seeing him crunch down on my tomato stem. I snagged this photo before taking him off and smashing him.

He wasn’t visible when we watered it but when I went outside the second time, there he was as plain as day. Afterwards, I sprinkled every tomato plant with seven dust and another type of dust (viper dust I believe it is called) and then I was satisfied. These things are already trying to destroy your plants if you have even the smallest tomatoes on them. Be careful.

More to come!

Be safe everyone!


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