Taking Time For Self

Constantly On The Move

Time sure does fly these days. One minute it’s morning and the next it’s almost time for some shut eye, right? Well, that’s the way it has been for me lately. I have so many pictures of the gardens, greenhouse, and green stalk planters but haven’t had time to post them because I have also had to start working on other projects and things as well. It really is a lot for one person. Then on top of that, laws are still changing even faster before our very eyes (and some people have no idea just how much) which is causing all of us to constantly be on the move trying to keep up and adjust our daily lives to them; especially business owners.

Speaking of which, as some of you may know, I am a business owner as well. I will be getting the podcast, store and channel up and running soon enough hopefully but I don’t want to rush it because something can go undone if I do. I personally believe that no matter what we are doing, we have to take time out for ourselves no matter how busy we may be. Some of us spend our every waking day caring for others not realizing that we need to be cared for as well. It can be hard too if you’re a parent or simply have a lot on your plate (so to speak); but it still has to be done less we fall apart and everything we are trying to accomplish falls apart as well. Somehow, we have to try to balance everything out. Yes, if you are a sole proprietor/small business owner, it is very difficult but still necessary. I encourage everyone out there who has a lot of things that they’re trying to accomplish to take time out for yourself. You deserve it; even if it is just an hour or two a day.

Block Out The Negativity For Real

Sometimes we have to block out the negativity coming from whatever angle it may be coming from, ignore those who are not meaning us well or benefiting us in anyway, and just focus on what is more important to and for us to survive, maintain, and succeed. There will always be opposition and most of the time, it is going to come from those whom we know and may not expect it to come from but we are the boss of ourselves and we do not owe it to anyone to entertain the hatred, the jealousy, the assumptions, the slanders, the disbelief, or anything else that comes with stumbling blocks in our lives. We do, however, owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves to the best of our ability and treat ourselves good. Every day we live and we learn if we are lucky and everyday, every experience is a lesson and a chance to do better than we may have done before.

I also have more time now for my self care routines because due to the confusing recommendations of certain higher authorities and the summer heat that almost all of us are facing right now. It looks to me like we may be staying in the house again more than usual again; the numbers in cases with COVID and new strains of it are back on the rise and if you think anything like me, you rather be safe than sorry and take the needed precautions. Also, I am learning even more that as we get older, we seriously have to take better care of ourselves; not just what we eat, but also in skincare, sleep, exercise, rest, and our minds as well. I still want to grow older with grace and not look like I am seventy when I am clearly not.

Coming Soon!

Hydrating body cream coming soon and sold by Creation101 made with all natural ingredients.
Hydrating Body Cream coming sold by Creation101 Coming soon!

Anyways, here is a sneak peak of a product that is in the making that will be available for sale when the store opens. It is a hydrating body cream made with all natural ingredients including Gingko Biloba. I can’t tell everything about it right now because I haven’t launched the store yet but I am very excited! It has soothing as well as healing properties (as do almost all of the products that I’ve always created and made available for purchase). Everything is handmade with love. 😌

Anyways, back to the lab! I hope everyone is being safe out there, treating one another kind and having a wonderful day!

More to come!

❤️ GG

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