Bountiful Garden Update🙏🍃

Blessings and More Blessings!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their morning. I wanted to share with you all an update on how well the garden is doing. I consider it a blessing. There is a lot more weeding that needs to be done of course but so far, I’ve been blessed this far.

Many of the seeds I planted are doing better than I thought they would and the banana tree even came back to life with all of the rain that we have been getting. I didn’t include pictures of the rest of the trees and fruit bushes but some are doing okay and some are doing great. There were so many different varieties of tomatoes that I didn’t want to overload the pictures of them but so far, so good. Some had blossom rot but not that many compared to the amount that I planted. I gave them calcium but I realize that because I took advantage of every square inch (meaning they were planted still a little close), that could be a factor also.

I didn’t expect the yellow brandy wine tomatoes to last because I honestly have never planted those before. I’m waiting to see if the peach tomatoes will keep doing well. To tell you the truth, I had little labeled sticks by them when they were planted but the writing with the permanent marker was no match for all of the rain. So, I will find out when they fully turn and the color shows which is which lol.

The moringa trees are also doing great. The herbs including cinnamon basil, large leaf basil, Melissa balm, chocolate peppermint, milkweed, yarrow, spearmint, sage, and etc are doing well also to my surprise. It was a learning experience with the GreenStalk towers for me because I probably should’ve planted the cucumbers at the highest level so that they would have more room to spread and flourish. I didn’t expect that many blooms on them to be honest. I put the herbs on the lowest level along with the baby corn. The carrots did well there too.

Organic Is Just Better

The Prickly Pears are multiplying beyond my expectations as well. I’m not mad about it because I use those to put in some of the products that I make for my online store. I also used the Melissa balm, Gingko Biloba, basil, and more herbs in some products as well.

I have never grown okra successfully before so this year is a first. If you listened to my last podcast on headache relief, you’ll remember me saying how i absolutely LOVE the chocolate cherry tomatoes (lol).

Most of the tomatoes will are just now beginning to turn because all of them are heirloom. I just prefer heirloom everything if I can get my hands on them. In my opinion, the seeds are better, the taste is better and the plants are all-around a better choice. I just prefer to get as organic as possible because not only will we be eating these, again, I use them in my products. I like to sell all natural products because there are no side effects with them. Everyone has an allergy but that is normal. You get a safer choice with what you put into and on your body with organic.

I had many, many more tomato, pepper, carrots, and other plants that I had to give away because I simply had no more room to spare but it feels good hearing those who got them tell me how good, beautiful and big those plants are as well as how good they are producing. It feels even better when they send me pictures of them holding the harvest from them in their hand happy with a big smile.

The salt wort (sigh) has taken over the last photo you see in the last gallery. This is my first time growing that as well and I honestly have to study more on how to manage and preserve or use that one. The lettuce is going to seeds now as well as the radish but the onions are doing great still (Thank God). I cannot stand to cook without onions (and peppers as well as garlic). They just make everything better like butter.

Thank You Everyone

I want to thank everyone who took time to see me share my garden experiences and the diy tips that I will be giving more of from time to time on my YouTube, here, and on my podcast. You didn’t have to but you did and I sincerely appreciate you for that. I’ve been called a lame, a nerd, old woman, and more because I choose to focus on happy things because this world is full of so much sadness and pain already but it’s encouraging when I see people respond in a positive way towards something innocent that can help others. I believe in my heart that it is people like myself and other gardeners, seamstresses, diy moms, and etc that contribute to our communities and this world (silently for the most part) helping others with what we know; sharing helpful information.

I want to be another person who encourages people that they can do anything if they put their minds to it no matter what opposition that they may face. I want to keep encouraging people to grow all that they can while they can because times are getting harder by the day and I want to show people that we can still live off of the land with help from above and much rain.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

❤️ GG

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