Some People Are Just Wired Bad

Times Have Definitely Changed

I know that this world is changing everyday. It is changing so much that good people are being put in unpleasant positions; they’re having to make some of the most difficult choices that they’ve ever had to make in their lives. The present time that we are living in seems to be that of something never seen before. I do believe that we can still overcome evil with good. I do believe that there are at least a significant number of people in the world who are genuinely good who have a good heart. But I do realize now, through by experience, that there are still also people in this world who will take one’s kindness for weakness as many times as allowed.

It’s A Choice Stupid, Not An Obligation

Are we bad or selfish if we exercise our common sense to be kind but also make sure others know that we aren’t pushovers? I don’t think so. The person who is performing the kind act/deed should be recognized properly (in my opinion) as the deed that they are performing. That is to say, if someone has a lot of responsibilities themselves to attend and they take out time out of their day to lend a helping hand, they shouldn’t be used or taken for granted. When someone helps us in any way, that is what it is; help. It’s not mandatory or free labor. It’s a kind deed that we should be thankful for no matter how big or small. Why? Simply because they aren’t obligated to take time out of their day to do it.

There’s A Reason Why It Starts As A Child

More and more I am starting to see the reason for being taught to appreciate every thing (from the least to the greatest that someone does for us whether it be materialistic or simply a moral act). I sat back and watched certain people that I grew up with. We all were taught the same thing but some were appreciative and some weren’t. Now that we are all older, guess what? The same children who were appreciative grew up to be appreciative adults and the same children who were not appreciative and felt entitled (by their own thinking) grew up to be unappreciative and felt a sense of entitlement as adults. It just got worse with age. We can get better or we can get worse. It is really up to us. But isn’t it something wrong with someone if they know right from wrong and are aware that they are unappreciative or taking one’s kindness for weakness and choose to still be that way? How is it then that everyone else is wrong for seeing it and that person is right? That’s crazy.

The Truth Always Comes Out

The catch I think that I learned also from experience is to find a way not to let that person get under your skin and take up too much of your time and thought. Sometimes a grown person can still be a child because they have the mind of a child; a spoiled child. It is very hard for others who have to be around them when this is the case. I know that not everyone is as religious as myself and some people are quick to put such a person in their place but I just choose to take the other route and ignore them. But, I have also learned to appreciate those moments to see such a one’s true colors. Some people just can’t go too long before who they are just shows up crystal clear. I don’t like a person’s ways when they to take advantage of my kindness but I also try to avoid letting their ignorance change my ways and get me bent up out of shape causing me to do something below my moral beliefs. I rather just ignore them. I don’t care if it makes them mad. I don’t care if they try to twist things and say I am wrong for not letting them use me or mistreat me. Sometimes the silent treatment is amazing because it can save us the trouble of saying something we may have to apologize for later, save us a waste of time and thought, and it really gets under the skin of people who get a thrill out of pushing other people’s buttons. Don’t give them the satisfaction and save the good deed for someone who will appreciate it. They already got one and didn’t value it and they may never do so until their state of mind changes.

Whatever Starts At Home Spreads Abroad

There aren’t that many genuinely super nice people left in this world who will let a person keep running over them. It’s not our responsibility to remind a grown man or woman to say thank you or be nice when we are nice to them. They already know. If a man or woman really want to do something, they will do it; the same way that if a man or woman really want something, they will let nothing stop them from getting it. I don’t blame anyone’s parents when they do teach their children to be good, be respectful, be thankful, and put the work in for what they want and their children grow up and do the opposite. At that point, their son or daughter just made a conscious choice to be the way they are. When our parents teach us the best they know how to be a good person, they did their part. Who knows if that person was just one who gave their parents a hard time? When we become adults it is definitely up to us to choose what kind of person we want to be. Some people are just wired bad. The only thing that may change this type of person is when they really get down or reap the same deeds but worse. Even the Bible speaks on such a type of person. Unfortunately, some people genuinely just don’t care until it hits home.

Please be kind, stay safe, and stay alive everyone.


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