Experience Will Always Be The Best Teacher

That’s been my tag line and motto since forever way before I started this blog years ago. Why? Because it taught me many, many, many things. It has taught me confidence, humility, balance, to have an open mind, to filter through influences and information in life, patience, gratitude, intelligence, and so much more. It is just easier to practice the later when in a calm state of mind.

Focus Is Very Important

When our focus is disrupted, it is like having our protective shield lowered and we become vulnerable more than we may need to be. This is why I have learned (through experience) that it is better to do your absolute best to hold onto your clarity so that you can be your best self and live your best life. The main thing that is taken from us throughout time is our clarity. Once that protective barrier is down, confusion and all kinds of emotions, negative influences, words, and thoughts can easily creep in or be pushed on us that we don’t ask for or want. It took time and development to realize this.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It is easy for someone to tell you that they are a good person (for example) but it is more convincing if they have the actions to support their words and you have good experiences with them as a good person rather than just being fed lip service. Once you experience their kindness and if it is consistent, you will need no further convincing that they really are a good person. Such are almost all things in this life.

Unequal Intelligence and Learning Abilities

We naturally tend to react, think, and form our opinions and beliefs based mostly on our experiences and that’s not wrong but everyone has different experiences and being open to the experiences of others and the diverse opinions of others helps us grow and form positive relationships. Being jaded is not going to benefit us. Some experiences can cause us to be cautious but we don’t have to believe that everybody else’s lives have to revolve around our own lives. Just because one person may have been unfortunate to grow up with (say for example) a parent who discouraged them more than they maybe should have doesn’t mean everyone had parents who did the same and that they should think exactly the same way. Unfortunately, I have met some who have lived in a bubble so to speak and they didn’t respect personal opinion or diversity. They felt everyone who came into contact with them should re-arrange their lives (opinions, likes and dislikes) according to how they were raised and there was no convincing them otherwise. This is a hard case because they could not be convinced otherwise no matter how many people they saw that spoke on how they were brought up different. In this case, their experience closed their minds and to them, everyone else was wrong and backwards. It was like telling a person who believes two plus two is eight and them whole heartedly feeling their math is correct because that was their level of education.

I believe that if we can learn from our experiences without letting them cause us to become so jaded with everyone and everything, be open to change and growth, we can do so much more in life no matter what obstacles that we may face. Two heads are better than one.

Please be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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