Is Money Losing It’s Value Now?

The Almighty Green Paper

It’s obvious with each passing day.

Sure, we need it to live and survive; of course. However, as I continue to see each day bring massive changes in the United States, I’m starting to see a trend. Some seem to recognize it and some don’t. Money seems to be losing its value by the hour of each day here. Things like a loaf of bread, tissue, soap, wood (to build a home), and etc. seem to be gaining more importance. Those are things that we can get and put to immediate use and they don’t need validation of inflation. As soon as a person gets a hold of these (used to be) simple possessions, they can immediately be put to use and we will be able to see the results immediately. What am I saying? Okay, peep the scene: The American Economy is not doing well. A lot of people are beginning to see it more and more. People would rather spend their last dime for the week on enough toilet tissue to get them through the week, food to feed their families, and car repairs needed to get them to and fro (and rightfully so) rather than get in debt with a needless bill or expensive purse, pair of shoes, or television. People aren’t getting enough money to live off of anymore. They’re crying out for help from leaders but those cries are being looked over which is causing people to make even more difficult choices. Many have to prioritize every cent now. If people are getting less money, jobs (that are safe) during this on-going pandemic are few, and more food shortages and supply shortages are growing, this means things are now up-side down and soon they will not have money to put back into the economic system. People have to have money to spend in order to put it back into this system; without spending, the crash of the American Dollar is imminent and inevitable.

Barter Times Are Here

Skills that will be ultimately important

It seems things are quickly going back to the days of old and not everyone grew up in those times. Everyone doesn’t know how to live off of the land, barter, sew, garden, cook, clean, repair, build, or even work for that manner. I’m talking about a real day’s hard work. Most now are used to sitting behind a desk (not that I’m criticizing those who do because I know how to do that too and this is not to criticize) and do their work from a computer or laptop. However, those jobs are fading or becoming less and less available.

This is not to scare anyone. This is just to spark a little more awareness of how important it is becoming to know or learn how to live off of the land and have or develop a skill or trade that can put food on the table when the dollar isn’t enough anymore. I remember my elders and grandparents talking all of the time about how they survived when they didn’t have access to things that other communities and ethnic backgrounds had and it was good. They were not filthy rich but they were able to survive and get what they needed honestly. There was no stealing, no backstabbing, no violence, and no ill-will. They were blessed by having skills, trade, and patience. Most of all, they trusted in our Creator even through the hard times. Looks like this knowledge is needed right now before the worst occurs.

This is not the movies. It is real life now.

They say money can’t buy love and I know that is true but seems it will not be able to buy happiness soon either. When money loses its value, having a true friend, neighbor, loyal family member, or even associate who knows how to live sustainably may be of more value. If you have a bread maker, a garden and have a green thumb, a sewing machine and are a seamstress, a tool kit and are a carpenter or repairman, knowledge of herbs and all things natural, an excellent cook, or even a candle maker, you are now the celebrities of this country because you have the goods and skills within yourselves that everyone is going to need sooner than you think. You will be able to help people who do not have your know-how learn how to survive during these ever-changing times. Everyone, pray, keep your head up and be happy but also, be strengthened. Put your heads together and learn ways to live off of the land and barter in the most honest way. Survival mode for this country has just went into beast-mode.

Please be kind, Stay Safe, and Stay Alive


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