The Power of The Mind🔋

Our minds can help lead us straight to heaven literally if we are free from distractions.
You have no far how high you can go

Here’s the thing: our minds are fragile but powerful CPU units for our bodies if you will. There is more meaning to “the head” and the whole functionality of it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to master control of yourself and your mind. Hard times of all sorts can equip you with more mind power which can be fuel for strength if you’re strong and determined enough. Your strength does depend on who you came from, how strong they were, what knowledge they possessed about life and how they used that knowledge to live, what your beliefs are, and what your purpose in life is.

God gave us so many gifts that we overlook.
He gave us many gifts

Our brains/minds are protected and placed at the top of our physical bodies for a reason. It leads and guides our bodies in direction, thought, and actions. If our heads lean, our bodies lean with it and for a reason. Our body is demonstrating leadership without us even noticing because we are usually too busy thinking on everything else going on in our lives to notice it. Some are things that we can control and some are things that we cannot. In our minds, we just know that we want the pain or hardship to stop so that we can be happy again but the real issue is stopping that which is causing our minds to be distracted so that we can get back on track as a whole and function as we were intended to in the first place. Our minds know this but our emotions make it a little bit harder to see. Our bodies demonstrate leadership, unity, and power everyday without us even noticing. Because it looks simple, we underestimate it and consider a computer and AI more capable. Emotions are good and much needed but when in a crisis, we have to hold on to the strength and ability to unlock our minds in order to think our way out of hurtful and conflicting situations. Once we do this, we can unlock the answer to everything without even realizing it. The most powerful mind operates clearly under stress and focuses only on staying on task. Trust me. Our minds, our god-given talents, and our god-given purposes are hidden from us everyday by distractions. If more people only knew why we are suppose to use our thoughts and words for good, they would never do another bad, harmful, spiteful, or hateful thing to another person again in order to hold on to the power that comes with it. When something is pure, it is able to do what is needed and so much more. The same goes for our thoughts and hearts.

I’m giving you gold right now.
It’s more true than you may think.

Everyone has a purpose in this world. Everyone, even twins are different and have a unique certain ingredient (if you will) handed down to them from birth locked inside of them that unlocks their true purpose and meaning for existing in this life. Trials and tribulations can make it hard for this person to really understand who they are, what they’re suppose to be doing, and the actual strength that they have. Distractions cause us to be unable to think clearly and pain causes us to dwell in those distractions but all have one phrase handed down to us by our creator that unlocks our ability to overcome whatever hardship that we may be facing. “Let Power”. Essentially, the key is the word Let. I know this may seem far fetched but it’s not. Trust me. No matter what we are going through, no matter who we are, we have ”Let Power”. If we choose not to let someone hurting us affect our decision making, it may seem bad on the outside because of what they may be doing to hurt us, but it will actually empower our minds to focus on the solution to stop it and preventing it from happening every time. If we choose not to taint our minds with anything bad, to only use it for good and keep doing good things over and over again, it is fuel for our minds to excel at the fastest rate man has ever known. Yes, distractions, pain, bad situations, and more are usually imposed on us without our permission (to throw you off your ”game” or course if you will) but if we don’t accept those distractions, mentally, we build our minds even more and then guess what? Our bodies will follow naturally because that is what they were meant to do in the first place. So, now you understand more clearly why when under extreme stress, we can sometimes make rash decisions before scoping the whole situation and making the right decision; because our minds have been temporarily crippled into not focusing on how to fix or resolve the issue. As long as our minds are used for good, we can keep getting better at it but if used for bad, eventually our minds come to a halt and can go no further no matter how bad we want it to. This is for a reason please believe me. Even if it is just for a few seconds, it is always best to think a situation through instead of making quick and haste decisions. Those ALWAYS end bad! Pressure busts a pipe for a reason but if the water flows freely and smooth as it should, that pipe will last for years to come.

If we decide for example that we are no longer going to let anything stop us from truly being the best version of ourselves, the distractions will definitely come, but if you don’t give them ”permission” or “let” them throw you off from being truly good and pure in your heart and mind, the distractions will eventually fade away and all you will start seeing is the answer to everything no matter how complicated the situation.

Turning the light on for others to see.
Hitting the light switch

I’m giving you gold this time. Yes it is important and more valuable than you may ever realize. We are stronger than we may think.

You guys, be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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