A Much Needed Break From Stress

Not too long ago, I took a little time to just get away and become one with nature if you will. It was very relaxing. It is something about creation and how it is still beautiful; especially on a sunny clear day. I am a simple woman a lot of the times and I appreciate the simple things in life because those are the things that are usually taken for granted until they are gone.

Now, everyday we are faced with new challenges and changes that we are having to adjust to; some we invite and some we do not. Either way, we have to just do the best that we can. I just thank God for the beautiful sceneries that he provides us with when we have had a hard day. Who knows what condition the world will be in around three months from now. Meanwhile, I am going to soak up all of the sun and amazing wonders as long and as many times as I can. It’s therapeutic and relaxing beyond explanation.

I love the trees, fishing, and well all parts of nature. It may sound cheesy, I know, but taking long walks in the park, just relaxing my mind with fresh clean air, hearing the birds actually sing, seeing people walk around happily without a care in the world (some holding hands) even if it is just a little while; smiling and laughing with one another lol. It’s nice to see instead of the usual confusion and hatred that a lot of us are seeing more of these days.

For me, as some of you who follow me can guess, nature is medicine. It is therapeutic, it is kind, it’s organized, it’s harmonious, and miraculous. Maybe I’m just a nerd like that but its one of my greatest joys and most of it is free to see. Thank God because seems like everything else costs too much. Some of which, God gave us for free but man is charging an arm and a leg for (including water unfortunately).

So, today, I’m just sharing some pictures of the parks and fishing spots that I visited. I know it is a lot of green but I love it. They were so beautiful to me. They looked fake while I was standing right there looking at it all. I wish everyone could see beauty such as this.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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