My Online Store Update/Balancing Mom Life and Work 🤗🤓


Hemp-Motized Scented Hand Sanitizers by Creation101
Hemp-Motize Scented Hand Sanitizer made with Lavadin Essential Oil

Okay, so I feel like talking to you all as if I am sitting right by you, all excited, and am someone that you have known for years. Just relaxed conversation. It’s what I am good at lol.

So, here’s the latest: I updated my store last night and I really, really love it! I am having more people see me walk around with my products and use them myself and are asking me more questions about the products, how they work, the benefits, how long I’ve been a gardener, business owner, and have been using the products; Things like that. This is good for business as you may know. The best reaction is the natural one and I really do thank God for that as I get it more from people. It takes time though because I grow almost all of my ingredients and only use pure ingredients for everything. It’s similar to those who brew beer, it takes a lot of patience but there is a purity that comes with it, expectations are surpassed, and you’re happy with the results.

I Enjoy What I Do

Pure Hops Oil by Creation101
Handcrafted Hops Oil

I love what I do; seriously, I know what the benefits are so if you ever listen to my future podcasts, you will understand my excitement with something that most people look over (gardening and herbal medicine) because it’s not always in a fancy package or on a big sign. I make natural medicine look good, smell good, and when possible, taste good. This makes it easier to digest visually and physically. At the same time, I take what I have been taught for years since I was born and adjust it with or to the times that we are living in and include it in other things that we already use from day to day so that not only are people getting benefits but they’re enjoying the medicinal experience. This is what I was wishing for when I was on a lot of medications before I decided to use what was taught to me to naturally be healthy. I wanted to feel like I was being treated like a person; not like an experiment. I wanted options. I wanted to take medicine and not feel like I was “out of it” all because I was taking something that was suppose to be helping me. I feel if it is helping you, then it shouldn’t hurt you. No one wants to have to choose between the lesser bad experience. If you are anything like me, you want to feel like you matter all of the time. You want to feel special (at least sometimes) as well. So, I customize.

I’m Picky Lol

Chocolate Creamsicle Fizzing Milk Bath made with Marigolds, Coconut Milk and More! By Creation101
Chocolate Creamsicle Fizzing Milk Bath

I am currently still working on my store from more aspects than one so this is why I haven’t been posting as much but so far, it’s coming together nicely. There are still many products that I haven’t had time to put up yet but rest assure, I will. Soon. I have more people now requesting the products that will help more for the time of the year as well as wound healing and more things like that. I understand and they will be available soon. I just want to make sure everything looks good and is properly done. My kids say I am a neat freak at times. I take that as a compliment lol!

Juggling Jobs

Sweet Potato Pie Donkey’s Milk Soap made with Arnica Oil by Creation101
Sweet Potato Pie Donkey’s Milk Soap Available Soon!

Being a mother and CEO of a business and the house just takes over and sometimes you have to balance the two with everything else going on in your life. A healthy balance is my goal.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. Thank you to all of my new followers and likes. I really appreciate you!

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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