Ruined Moments (For Adults Only)

A Youthful Point of View

I was told when I was younger that there would be times when a woman or a man will be with their significant other and that person will every now and then (or often) piss one another off so bad till if they were in the mood, they won’t be by the time the other person is finished nagging about whatever it may be. It scared me and made me think “ I really hope that doesn’t happen to me.” I was young. I didn’t know any better. I thought that my future relationships were going to be all roses and peachy. Boy oh boy was I wrong.


This is me talking to you as a grown woman. Really mature. So, if there are any younger people under the age of 18 reading this, please, respectfully, understand that this is not the article for you. This is meant for legal adults only. No disrespect, but you should scroll past this article today. 🙂

There Will Be A Time

Have you ever had a time where you were in a relationship with someone and you were feeling all puppy love-ish towards them and your heart was moosh and you were willing to do anything to make them happy/ And, maybe those hormones began to stir up and you got butterflies in your stomach and you would blush every time they looked you in your eyes and smile at them? And just when you were about to lean in and get the kiss, they said some of the most ignorant, disrespectful, selfish, offensive, inconsiderate, and not so sexy s%$# to you that made them instantly not be your favorite person at all? Something that made you roll your eyes at them and think to yourself “yup, none for you tonight buddy.” Well, I have been there as a married woman. I’m not trying to throw salt on married life but there will be times let me tell you, where your spouse will make you be turned off as quick as they turned you on. They sometimes may not even realize it was that serious (what they said or did to offend you) and act and look all surprised and hurt when they realize that they seriously and totally ruined the moment. And, sometimes, they’ll even be mad about it.

Communication Is Key

I guess that’s when being careful not to offend one another really comes in handy. Learning how to communicate with one another can be appreciated. I honestly feel that communication really is key. It can quickly mend a relationship or situation or, if neglected, lack there of can ruin it. Being married is a JOB please believe me. It can be fun at times (especially during the honey moon phase of it) and it can be hard at times but you get what you put into it and it takes the effort of both people. Trust me, it really does. That can prevent many “ruined moments” from ever happening. Lord knows.

Be kind, stay safe and stay alive.


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