Adjusting To Getting Older

It takes time to accept the fact that with each day, if we are blessed, we get older. Not to sound bleak or anything, but during these trying times, everyday that we live to see another day, every year that we live to get older, is a blessing on top of a blessing.

I know that I have spoken on getting older before but now, even more, I see that as we get older, we can look back on the mistakes that we have made when we were younger. It may even be a year before now, we can still see our mistakes and learn from them. We may wish that we could go back and turn the hands of time and redo some things but we can’t. All we can do is appreciate the fact that we are still here; still alive. No one knows when their last day is so we may as well appreciate every day that we live to see and every year that we get older. Appreciate the mistakes that we made and the fact that we can learn from them.

It’s as if as we get older, we not only become more mature, but we also have better taste in a lot of things. We’re no longer vain like we were when we were younger. The simple things matter more. Every minute counts. Every dollar is an investment. We care about our health more. We try to pass on what we learn to our children and everyone else that we love in our lives. With age comes wisdom and I really do thank God for that. We learn to love ourselves for who we are and no longer live to impress. We begin to make more power moves that will benefit in the future for not only ourselves but also our loved ones.

Getting older is actually a very good thing. Please believe me.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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