Laughter Is Medicine

The Power of Comedians

So, as I sit here watching a comedian from Tennessee by the name of Michael Jr., I am realizing that I have completely forgotten that I was mad or sad. It made me forget about all of the hard times that I had been going through, all of the pain from loss that I had been feeling. It made me start to realize that things really could be worse. He didn’t just give you a laugh. He helped people in more than one way while doing it; Literally helped people and made the viewer want to do the same. He helped stimulate the intelligence of the mind while providing the medicine we all know in the form of laughter. He is now one of my top favorite comedians.

In general, the world is basically in shambles and falling apart. There is barely good news being shared around the world right now and people are looking for hope. I, unfortunately, don’t have the means to supply the complete remedy for everything that we are all facing today but I do have good thoughts to share.

Soak It All Up

I believe that we all should grab ahold to every ounce of good and informative information as we possibly can and process it, put it to use, and don’t let go of our faith. It helped many people before when they had no one to turn to and I honestly believe it can help us now.

When someone at work or at home makes me laugh out of no where, I instantly forget about all of my troubles, pain, and anything that could bring me down. A lot of the time, they don’t even know what they just did for me. I turn to them and say “Thank you. I needed that.” And they respond with “huh?” I then let them know that I had a lot on my mind that I was dealing with and that big laugh that they gave me (that made my stomach hurt because I was laughing so hard) really helped take my mind off of it; at least for a little while. It helps me not stress so much. It helps me rationally and instantly realize that as long as there are moments where I can still laugh; where the world hasn’t taken that away from me, I’m still blessed because things are getting worse by the minute each day.

The Power of Joy and Happiness

I have been young, and now I am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

Psalms 37:35

Joy is uplifting. It is healing. It is a gift from God. It pushes out sadness, anger, stress, pain, and so much more. I thank God for the ability to still have joy in the midst of a terrible time.

We are going to face things everyday that are quite difficult and some are going to seem impossible but the smallest things that we take for granted can sometimes help us get through it along with people whom we would never expect those blessings and understanding to come through. Keep your head up and if someone gives you a free laugh, embrace it, enjoy it and apply it as medicine to give your mind a break from all of the horrible things that you too may be facing.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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