Where Two or Three Are Gathered Together In My Name….

We need to pray. We need to pray like we have never prayed before. If possible, fasting and constant prayer by the masses wouldn’t hurt. Mother Earth is dying and there is so much pain being spread and many people also are being taken from this world every single day. We don’t have time to be angry. We don’t have time to want revenge. We don’t have any time to waste doing anything except pleading to the lord to help us and deliver us from the evil that is spreading in this world.

This is NOT a sermon. I am NOT a preacher of any sort. I am a woman and a mother letting out some of my thoughts and pain before the world with what’s going on. It is heartbreaking in so much now till those in search of peace are being discouraged so badly while they grasp onto any tiny fraction of hope, peace, and sanity; just to make it.

I never knew it would get this bad. I do know that my father and my mother as well as my preacher taught me since I was a child that “Where two or three are gathered together, in my name, there I am in the midst.” They also taught me that is you have God, you have everything that you need. He can do anything. He is the answer. I know it is true because there were times we didn’t have food to eat, bill money, shoes to put on our feet, and it seemed all hope was lost a number of times but when we fasted and prayed together with all of our hearts, the answers came quick. Sometimes, it didn’t even take a whole twenty four hours. Lord knows this is the truth and when I saw it keep happening I knew God is real. He took me when I was at my lowest and lifted me up and made something out of nothing for me so many times till I can only be thankful and afterwards, happy.

Support those who have the burden and responsibility of being heads of families, protectors, providers, healers, and etc. They need it. they deserve it. There are people looking up to them and they are trying to be as strong as they can in this time of trouble. Pray for those at loss, pray for those hurting, pray for those in pain, pray for those in need and pray for strength. We can do a whole lot more working together for good than we can divided working for things that are not good. Pray for everyone. Please.

Be Kind, Stay Safe, and Stay Alive


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