Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers!

To All Dads and Fathers With Love

So guess what? Today is your day! You’ve made it through another year holding on and doing what a man should do which is be there for your children year after year after year. Yes, times have been hard and the world is constantly changing and making it hard for some of you to be the providers that you want to be for your families and others that you love but guess what, you still did it! You may not get the appreciation or recognition that you deserve all of the times but today is your day and no one can take that away from you. Today we celebrate you for a job well done. It takes strength and courage to be a good father these days and to those of you who are doing so, thank you because you are being an excellent example for not only your children, but for all children, showing them what a real man does. He doesn’t give up when times get hard, he is always there. He may not always verbally express his feelings, love, and concern, but he does in his actions and this is still admirable because guess what? Actions speak louder than words.

I see how hard the times we are living in and the world is making it for fathers all across the globe to just do even the basic of what they need and want to do to provide for and protect their families but you can do it because it is in you to do so. You will always be appreciated for everything that you do. You are needed and you are loved.

Good fathers produce respectable sons and daughters. They teach their sons how to respect their women/wives and they teach their daughters what kind of man to get when they get older. So, again, thank you to all dads and fathers out there still holding on and taking care of business. Take out some time to day to be celebrated and look at all of your accomplishments. You deserve it! Hopefully, on this day of rest, you can just kick up your heels in your recliners, watch whatever you want on television, eat till your stomachs and hearts are merry, and sleep till you feel refreshed! Or go wherever you want to go with your families and loved ones and just laugh and have a good time and make memories for times to come so that you can look back on them.

Happy Father’s Day to All fathers!


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