Surviving In a World of Ignorance and Negativity

Gods promise that it won’t be water but fire next time. I snapped this on my way to work last week after a bad storm.

Hi everyone. I know it has been a while but when I say there is a lot going on, I mean there is A LOT going on lol. I’ve almost completed my store updates but I have been considering moving everything to Amazon to save money and live more sustainable. It just costs way too much to operate your own website with all of the separate costs and third party companies included.

Anyways, I hope you all have been doing well considering all of the changes going on in the United States and in the world itself. Everyone is constantly having to adjust to things that are different and a lot of them, very uncomfortable.

I still love gardening and growing my own food and herbs.

People have changed with the times and not all for the best. As time goes on, as as a whole, have not made the best decisions going forward especially pertaining to how we treat and talk to one another. It seems these days, everyone wants to be in charge but my question is: “In charge of what exactly?” The world is low on so many supplies and resources. We are literally being drained with each passing day. The dollar in the United States is constantly losing its value, crops are becoming less and less, education has dwindled down to the level of a fifth grader for many, employment opportunities in some places are almost non-existent, human moral is almost gone in the masses, laws are changing everyday with no one really knowing just how much, elites are being formed, there is more division going on now than unity (which is plum sad in my opinion because “together we stand, divided we fall), and the truth is being smothered so severely till unfortunately, we have to be careful of what we say and who we say it to or around because even if it is not personally directed towards them, it could result in catastrophic chaos. On top of all this, seems almost everyone is distracted by their ambitions. Humility is almost gone. I know it still exists, but basically, all things that are good have just about been drowned out of society all across the world.

Having mentioned these things, I honestly still believe that there is a way to still survive amongst selfish, inconsiderate, evil-hearted, dangerous, greedy, and simple minded people. We just have to be more strategic. More wise and save our words for the exact right time so that they can ring in the ears of those or reach those who can truly help do something about it. Our kids play these video games all of the time and after watching the ones that my son plays, I see that some are very educational in survival of the times that we are in now. We have to always be alert now. We have to always have a plan B and C. We have to play chess in life in the world that we are living in today. Sure, get comfortable, don’t let anyone steal your joy, but also remember that we are not living in the same world that we lived in around ten, five, or even a year ago. That’s how fast time has sped up. That’s how bad things have gotten. However, it doesn’t mean that we still can’t live a happy life. It may not be possible on the level that it once was when violence and hatred weren’t running rampant but, it is still achievable. We still have to create our own happiness and always strive to have resources (with an honest living) available to us when they become more restricted.

From my experience, as life has taught me so far, learn all that you can and make sure what you learn will help you survive, keep learning, and stay relevant (in a good way) as time progresses. The more skills and education that we gain for ourselves, the better off we will be. If someone is talking about something that can benefit you, soak it up and let your ears be a super sponge. I do it more all of the time now lol. If someone is talking about something foolish and nonessential to life, just push it out of your mind and keep it moving. It will just take up negative space that could be used to help you have more value and be more sustainable.

Please be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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