Hydroponic To Greenhouse (Preparing For Spring)

Hydroponic seedlings grown and ready to transfer to soil in the greenhouse
These are definitely ready to be moved to soil in the greenhouse.

So…. Yeah. I’m excited to let you all know that I am finally back to growing from seed for the first time in a year maybe. There have been a lot of changes and things going on but I will never stop growing food from seed. The more you do it the easier it becomes and as I always say and in my tagline “experience is the best teacher.” It relieves stress, takes my mind off of complicated matters that i may be dealing with, and in the end, my family has food that is fresher than in grocery stores which is a huge plus.

I’ve gotten these two hydroponic gardens but I can’t help myself so I will end up with a collection. I love being surrounded by greenery inside and out. Plants give off oxygen, life and more.

I have the grow tunnel ready to be put up but I felt the need to wait until this vortex/storm going across the United States pass over first. I can’t wait to show you all more of the different plants that I will be growing. Also, to promote my online store, podcast and YouTube channel, I will be having free give-aways. Hopefully, it will also promote sustainable living as well. I also have an Etsy as well and am working on opening my amazon store. I like to grow as many of my ingredients as possible (which is a lot) because it helps secure the authenticity of my products. Lord knows it is headed back to that fast anyway. It’s up to us to attain the skills and knowledge.

In these two gardens to start, I chose them because you can grow whatever you want in them and transfer them to the garden or greenhouse once they get the size that you see now. This method saved me money and time seeing that I’m working every single day. It also saved me the trouble of dealing with garden pests. I do recommend starting off this way if you’re a beginner or if you’re working all of the time like myself but still want fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

I have never grown amaranth before but it turned out very well I must say and has beautiful pinkish purple leaves. My Pak Choi grew very well also. Matter of fact, here’s what I grew in these two: three kinds of lettuce including Grand Rapids and Butter Crunch, Pak Choi, Amaranth, three types of kale including Black Magic and Red Russian, Black Cherry and Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes, Squash, Carrot, Bunching Onion, Parsley, Collard Greens, Bell Pepper, and Spearmint. Keep in mind, this was just a test starter for the greenhouse. Now that these have grown well, I will go ahead and start new varieties. (I’m so excited!👏)

And finally, below, are pictures (some) of how they started off before they grew to where they are now. Your guys, more to come real soon! I;m gonna try to really make up for my hiatus due to all the changes and etc. Remember, all it takes is a little time to start with one plant of your choice and you too can grow your food for you and your family…and others if you like for a lot less.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive!


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