Faith of a Mustard Seed Can Move Mountains

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst”

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is in good spirits and is coping with everything going on in your communities and families today.

There is so much going on right now and not enough time in the world to cover them all. I decided to talk with you all today in serious spirits but with an humble heart and mind. There is so much confusion on the rise till it has become the fuel for destruction that we are seeing take place. Anyone with a good heart and intentions just about are being attacked in some way, form or fashion. churches and faith are being attacked. People dying, sadness spreading, children turned against their own parents just as the Bible foretold centuries ago. I myself have been going through some things while just trying to live my life, do good and be good in a world full of chaos but I will never let go of my faith. It is mine. God gave it to me and I will hold onto it till the end.

I’m seeing more and more war, confusion, division, violence, anger and all things terrible and bad spread faster than fire and it hurts my heart because I am also seeing people out there who are still good with obstacles being thrown at them and they are just trying to live their lives as they choose and see fit. Stress is everywhere and families are being torn apart. We know good and well that together we stand, divided we fall but how can that happen if most of what our children are seeing is the influence of division from adults like ourselves. We have got to do better. Why? Because it is the only way that we will survive all of this going on in the world today.

Faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Please remember this and believe this because when we had nothing else; before all the technology, vanities, pleasures of life that exist now, and inventions, we had faith in God and it carried us through some of the most unbearable times and events. our skin color doesn’t matter. Our skills are not required and neither is money when it comes to this type of survival. Just our faith. I am calling on all of those who still believe in God to stand in your heart and mind and pray for our world. We need it. To those who are of the faith, with all due respect, this post is not for you as I would never impose on anyone who has different beliefs. You are entitled to believe and worship as you will see fit and I respect that with all of my being. But to those who see what’s going on and still believe in God, 🙏🏾. Pray hard. Believe in your heart and keep your faith strong. Right now, this is worth more than all of the money in the world.

Be kind, stay safe, and stay alive.


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